Oklahomans Tale Of Two Marijuana Bills


Jealous and tired of witnessing wisdom cultivate across America… an Oklahoma senator has germinated two separate pro-pot bills that could potentially yield a bountiful harvest of new state laws on marijuana possession, cultivation and use.

Oklahoma’s H.B. 902 could potentially legalize medicinal marijuana within the state, allowing for Dr. recommended patients to utilize the medicinal herb. While House Bill 914 would seek to end insane sentences for those Oklahoman’s unfortunate enough to be caught carrying a small amount of weed.

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Penalties for small time pot possession in ‘the Sooner State’ reach a maximum consequence quick… if you are caught with over 1 1/2 ounces of Chronic – you would be facing a $1000 fine and one year in jail.

Constance Johnson, the forward leaning Senator from Oklahoma has seen enough lives ruined by this senseless persecution of a medicinal plant – her proposed maximum sentence for marijuana possession is 10 days, rather than a year and a half in jail, and a $200 fine.

Of course this being Oklahoma were speaking about, the local Sheriff in Rogers County, Scott Walton, was hardly in favor of such a pro-pot proposal. “shoot — It’s not time to loosen up on anything,” he said.

When asked for a logical explanation about his opposition to medicinal marijuana, the highly educated Sheriff points to the 18 states throughout the US, where similar laws have been enacted – then breaking into a quiet mental laughter “It’s an absolute joke,” he said.

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“I stub my toe and now I need a script for a dime bag of weed? I think that should be a slap in the face to the medical profession or the pharmaceutical profession.”

Not all are as devoid of compassion and understanding as the good Sheriff in Rogers County. “No doubt, there are definitely medicinal purposes for marijuana,” noted Tulsa native Katja Newton. “I think that it has been proven with all the science and all the research that’s been done.”

Funny that Ms. Newton would speak of scientific studies…As the federal government has conducted many of its own studies on this plant discovering a multitude of uses for the primary active cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. While the good Sheriff in the tiny backwoods town of Oklahoma may think that medical marijuana is a joke, his own federal government has one of the most important patents on the plants active ingredients.

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