Pot Panel Scrutinizes State Vs. Federal Clash Over Recreational Marijuana Laws


Panelists from the Brookings Institution will examine how the conflict between the federal government and the states might be resolved…


After the earth shook beneat the federal government’s feet on November 6, the feds general reaction to the voter-approved recreational marijuana laws in Colorado and Washington have been for the most part ambiguous.

As the federal government’s top man, and passed smoker of good pot — President Obama has indicated that enforcing anti-marijuana laws is a low priority for his administration (sure, we’ve heard that before), the federal government continues to chase down and prosecute marijuana cultivators and collectives in states where medicinal use of marijuana is legal: Example, a California man who ran medical marijuana dispensaries (G3 Hollistic’s ) outside of Los Angeles received a 10-year-to-life sentence for conspiring to manufacture and distribute the pot.

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The Brookings Institution and the Washington Office on Latin America host a panel discussion on the implications of legalizing marijuana. The panelists will examine how the conflict between the federal government and the states might be resolved and consider the international repercussions of the state laws on the so-called “War on Drugs.”

Panelists include: Michael Greve, professor at George Mason University School of Law; Angela Hawken, associate professor of Public Policy at Pepperdine University; and Troy Eid, lawyer and former U.S.Attorney, District of Colorado (2006-2009). Jonathan Rauch, a Brookings guest scholar, moderates the discussion.

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