San Diego Mayor Backs Off Suppression Of Medical Marijuana Collectives


San Diego’s Mayor, Bob Filner and his inherited  war against medical marijuana collectives has seemingly come to an abrupt halt. Apparently the City attorney, Jan Goldsmith and Mayor Filner are noticing the writing on the wall. In an attempt at keeping one of California’s largest cities politically relevant, the newbie Mayor who originally campaigned for sensible medical marijuana laws…has taken his sweet time getting to this point.

Hastily preparing a letter, San Diego’s Mayor ordered the city to stop filing code-enforcement violations against S.D. medical-marijuana collectives.

As proof that the San Diego mayor has turned over a new leaf …he fired off this letter this morning to Kelly Broughton, director of the city’s Development Services Department:

Additionally: Mayor Filner sent the same letter to S.D.P.D. – Chief Bill Lansdowne. Read and enjoy them

San Diego's Mayor Bob Filner and his letter about medical marijuana collectives

Stay Classy San Diego

Stay Classy San Diego

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