The Federal War On Weed Won't Keep Kids Safe – Education Will


 “What’s the alternative to pot legalization? Fearfully clinging to a failed policy that has been the cause of millions of arrests and wasted billions of dollars…”  


Understanding, that as frivolous drug consumption is concerned; smoking a good joint is a relatively benign exercise in the art of relaxation. In direct contrast to alcohol, pot smoking doesn’t encourage domestic viciousness or otherwise destroy a person’s health. And while tobacco is legal and sold over-the-counter causing hundreds of thousands of deaths annually, weed is not the number one cause of lung cancer…or heart disease, cigarettes are. Probably the most disturbing accusation a person could make against this miracle plant is that it has the ability to produce intense, unrealistic fear – hardly ever in the smokers themselves, but rather in the opponents of marijuana’s acceptance.

Fortunately for those that have grown to love this plant, marijuana’s detractors have increasingly less impact as demographics change, and time goes by. The growing trend of pots acceptance has seen the cultivation of medical marijuana in 18 states. Then last November the earth shook underneath the federal government’s feet, when Colorado and Washington voted to allow recreational pot consumption. Across the United States – support for cannabis and hemp legalization is rapidly growing. Only a few short years ago, a mere 30% of Americans supported the idea of marijuana legalization. Yet today, marijuana legalization enjoys an approval rating somewhere north of 50%— and Americans that support the end of marijuana’s prohibition, under the age of 45, has skyrocketed.

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America’s reawakening from our national coma on the topic of marijuana – has caused more than a little distress amongst die-hard supporters of “America’s war on drugs.” Bringing the low IQ’d politicians out of the shadows, doing the bidding of their Political Action Committee contributors, big pharmacy. Welcome former Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., (an ex pill popping – pharmaceutical drug addict, whose father made millions running alcohol during the 1930’s prohibition on booze) has created a new anti-marijuana legalization group, formed to put a screeching halt to the American debate on common sense marijuana reform.

As Pres. Obama’s main man in the war on drugs, Gil Kerlikowske sees it …even allowing medicinal weed for the sick and ailing “sends a horrible and confusing message” to our kids.

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Discounting the fact that our kids are smarter than the drug czar would like to give them credit for. As the national debate of marijuana legalization has increased, and the scientific evidence has exposed the marijuana plant as being benign and at worst, and medicinally beneficial at best. The last few years have seen a stark decrease in teenage alcohol consumption and tobacco smoking, a reported decrease of more than 10% among high school students. All the while, marijuana consumption has increased by approximately 23 %.  Alcohol rots the brain and liver and is one of the largest causes of domestic violence and child abuse. Tobacco is one of the leading causes of death in American adults… yet both are still legal for adults to purchase and consume. Marijuana – which is a natural herb with medicinal benefits, is not.

Clearly, these trends point out that the legalization and regulation of any intoxicant does not necessarily mean more people will abuse it. Where is the danger in letting adults choose for themselves how to relax?

What’s the alternative to pot legalization? Fearfully clinging to a failed policy that has been the cause of millions of arrests, wasted billions of dollars, all while creating a greater population for our overburdened (but profitable) prison system.

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  1. If we took all the money were spending on stopping people from smoking anyway and legalize that money and manpower could go to bigger crimes that actully might get solved. Not to mention tax alcohol like they do cigarettes we could clear our deficet ALOT just within the first year. Come on the contrys that have have had crime go down and the appeal to residents actully went down, the money from tourists bring in revenue.

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