The Long And Twisted History of Marijuana


This thought provoking Pot-u-doc endeavors to teach anyone who might still suffer from the Reefer Madness mentality  


The fight against marijuana consumption in the US has been going on longer than any sane man wants to count, but the term ‘War on Drugs became fashionable, then abused with the help of Richard M. Nixon, back in the early 70’s when phrases like “Peace, Love, Dope” scared the crap out of the suits in the White House.

Dick”… later went on to form the DEA and the kick off to the ‘War on Drugs’ was underway. Filled with piss and vinegar, Old tricky Dick pushed to outlaw drugs across the social spectrum, instantly giving birth to the Corporate Industrial prison complexes greatest influx of non-violent inmates.

Chief among the most victimized in this war are Marijuana and those that smoke it.

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This exceptional in-depth look at the long – twisted – and mind numbingly oppressive history of Marijuana, in a perpetually drunk and angry America – is no doubt one of the better weed documentaries. While for the most part this a pro-pot video (not much bad to say about it), this is hands down one of the most pro marijuana pot-u-doc’s the History Channel has ever fired up.

This thought provoking Pot-u-doc endeavors to teach anyone who might still suffer from the Reefer Madness mentality. Those who still consider marijuana prohibition reasonable or the tax payers’ dollars spent on incarcerating the non-violent pot smokers a good idea. The fact of the matter is that marijuana consumption is pervasive…and we all know it. Smoking weed and being stoned… or just dealing with a stoner is walk in the park compared to dealing with a drunk. Alcohol, tobacco, and especially pharmaceuticals all rank well above today’s marijuana use as a problem for an aggressive… over stimulated world.


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  1. It is time to stop the prohibition on marijuana!! I for one will stand for the legalization and taxation of marijuana/hemp in all states and at the federal level, decriminalization needs to happen now!!! With the revenue generated, it could help the fiscal issue’s that our country has faced.

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