Will Iowa Get Medical Marijuana In 2013? Rep. Bruce Hunter Thinks So!


 “At this point, there’s no denying that marijuana helps alleviate the symptoms of a host of terrible diseases, many of which are notoriously difficult to treat”  


As Colorado and Washington’s smoke signals stretch across the United States, beckoning all freedom loving Americans to join them. A new proposal to reform Iowa’s archaic and outdated marijuana laws has landed with a thud on the desk of the state House of Representatives late last week.

Thanks to the forward thinking Dem. From Des Moines, Rep. Bruce Hunter, who proposed to bring Iowa and their outdated laws into the 21st century, by proposing the Iowa Medical Marijuana Act.

Many within the community supported Rep. Hunter’s push for a common sense approach to medical marijuana for Iowans; most understand the current legal parameters surrounding marijuana in Iowa is indefensible, and this monumental ‘first step’ would actually turn out to be a ‘quantum leap’ in the right direction. Additionally, should Iowa’s medical marijuana act garner the votes needed to pass, it would represent a significant victory for a wide swath of ailing Iowans who are presently deprived of a scientifically proven medicine that official in the treatment some particularly incapacitating illnesses.

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The proposed Iowa law would decriminalize the possession and use of marijuana for state sanctioned patients incapacitated from any number of ailments such as glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, HIV wasting syndrome, chemotherapy for cancer patients, Alzheimer’s, and Crohn’s disease. Additionally any patients with relentless “chronic” pain or an illness with symptoms marked by persistent nausea would also be qualified to obtain a recommendation for medical marijuana from their doctor.

As with the other 18 medical marijuana states, Iowa’s mmj bill would also include provisions for the creation of licensing rules and regulations thereby allowing for the formation of medical marijuana collectives. From these collectives nonprofit medical marijuana caregivers could sell their marijuana to those Iowa patients licensed to purchase the dank medicine.

“At this point, there’s no denying that marijuana helps alleviate the symptoms of a host of terrible diseases, many of which are notoriously difficult to treat,” Hunter said in a statement released through the Marijuana Policy Project. “There is a wealth of scientific evidence demonstrating marijuana is significantly less addictive and has far fewer severe side effects than the opiates and other narcotics these patients are taking now.”

The body of research concerning the efficacy of therapeutic marijuana and drugs derived from marijuana lends credence to Hunter’s claims that such drugs have proved to be both effective and safe when used responsibly.

Cannabinoids have been shown to inhibit the growth of many types of cancers including breast cancer, skin cancer, and leukemia; they may also moderate the degenerative effects of autoimmune disorders.

The debate over the medical efficacy of marijuana has largely been settled: It’s safe and it works. The Iowa legislators should set aside their preconceived notions on the subject and take up Hunter’s Medical Marijuana Act. Eighteen states have moved to provide a little relief for their long-suffering patients; Iowa would do well to become the 19th.



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  1. Iowa Medical marijuana bill nixed in sub-committee — Iowa patients sadly won’t be seeing this anytime soon.

    Sorry Iowa, but medical marijuana won’t be legal in your near future. A bill that would have given patients the right to choose natural medicine died last night in a sub-committee dominated by ignorant lawmakers.

    House File 22 would have removed civil and criminal penalties for medical marijuana patients possessing 2 ½ ounces of marijuana or less and created a state-regulated medical marijuana dispensary system. Patients would have been allowed limited cultivation of up to six plants, and – importantly – would have protected patients against being denied any state rights or being penalized by their place of business.

    Iowa Rep. Clel Baudler. –According to the WCF Courier, the bill was shot down in a three-person House sub-committee by two republican representatives, one of whom is a former Iowa State Patrol officer. “This bill will not advance any further,” said Rep. Clel Baudler at the committee meeting.

    His argument? That there are prescription drugs that can provide the same relief as marijuana can for patients. The courier article also quotes “critics” who say that legalizing medical marijuana would make it easier for children who “already have a high treatment incidence for the addictive drug.”

    This is despite a 2010 suggestion from the Iowa Board of Pharmacy that urged lawmakers to establish medical marijuana laws and a distribution system to help patients legally use the alternative medicine. As one Iowa state representative pointed out: those doctors on the Board of Pharmacy know a lot more about the efficacy of medical marijuana than a bunch of old farmers- and lawyers-turned-politicians.

    HF 22 sponsor Rep. Bruce Hunter. –Shutting down HF 22 wasn’t the only way the legislature is fighting medical marijuana cannabis. Another bill floating currently would remove any mention of the Board of Pharmacy’s ruling from the law books – essentially removing any hope for patients with doctor recommendations to ever bring up medical necessity in court.

    “These aren’t just some stoners looking for their next high,” said the bill’s sponsor, Bruce Hunter, a democrat from Des Moines. “They are real people looking for real relief for real pain.”

    The Courier also quoted several disappointed supporters of the bill who were suffering from a variety of things from multiple sclerosis to a Marine suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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  2. what the people of iowa need to is vote these people out. 67 percent of Iowans have spoke. and these idiots just said screw them they don’t care. if they weren’t getting their welfare check they would start to change their minds. they set up there and take the tax paiers money and don’t do shit except what they want. its time to send them packing. lets put those who held up the bill out there let the public know by radio new paper word of mouth etc. and make sure these self centered pieces of shit don’t hold office any longer. with out their welfare check they will just fade away .

    • Since the age of 17 I was diagnosed with grand mal seizures I am now 28 years old and still having problems I do notice when I self-medicating with Marijuana is that my seizures do not bother me anymore they actually go completely away I have not had a seizure in over six years but now that I will quit smoking marijuana to get a job I see more problems with my Health When I am not smoking marijuana I can at least tell when a seizure coming on I Will have symptoms of déjà vu or my doctors case Ora’s Are you done a fair share of studies also on the subject I found back in the 80s the preformatted test on epileptics 16 were given a placebo 16 were given just regular medication and another 16 Were prescribed medical marijuana The group that was prescribed medica I do believe there is a lot of misconception on the subject some people need to go and understand the studies a little bit better marijuana showed the most results 15 out of the 16 show improvements where the rest of the other groups showed no improvements I do believe there is a great misconception and a lot Of problems with some people Are thinking that marijuana has no medical effects I personally would offer myself up as a guinea pig if it was a chance that I could take But in the end I guess we are all just waiting for the time that the government figures out what they need to figure out until that day I guess I’ll just have to live with this awful ailment I wish there was a used to for other people that have awful ailments to But until that day I wish you all the best Yours truly Matt

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