2013 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup: California Style


After a busy Saturday of ‘learning and burning’, Join Redman and The Game as they smoke through their sets, blowing ‘fat trees’ from center stage


Yep – the HIGH TIMES Med Can Cup is back in town…while it was supposed to be held in Los Angeles for the second consecutive year, it turns out that the HT Cannabis Cup will now be held over at the Glendale Studios, in Glendale, CA – near the Griffith Observatory. Other than that, not much else has changed…

During the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup make sure to stop by the many ‘hot topic’ conferences presented by experts on hydroponic cultivationpolitical activism – and the growing trend of medical marijuana. Should your mind become saturated with data, overload with delusions of gardening grandeur, take a timeout at the designated medication area, and compare your horticultural attempt against some of the most popular pot strains on the west coast!

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The chronic two-day event will roll out several posh Ca. Prop 215 medication areas, where anyone 18 and over can chill and medicate, surrounded in the warm embrace of our 420 community (bring your California ID and current doctor’s recommendation).

All right – so you spent your day ‘highs as a kite’, taking-in valuable cultivation information, meeting great people in your own backyard – but you’re not ready to bounce just yet.

Good, because the fun has just begun…

After a busy Saturday of ‘learning and burning’, Join Redman and The Game as they smoke through their set’s, blowing ‘fat trees’ from center stage on Saturday night at the H.T.C.C. VIP show. The much-anticipated “Cup” awards will take place late Sunday afternoon, and will anoint the next Queen of the marijuana world. One from each category will be selected;  From edibles to Indicas – Sativas to Hybrids, all will each receive a coronation of their own. While it’s not my specific cup of tea, should you be found of edibles? The 2013 L.A. High Time cannabis cup will be a culinary battleground of marijuana aficionados, squaring off with true foodies.

Last – but certainly not least…the Concentrate division will be on fire, as California’s leading wax blowers step up…and throw-down. In an attempt to earn a ‘Cup’ that would increase the value of their concentrates for the next 12 months.

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Obviously – there will be no weed sales allowed at the event, as California is not Colorado or Washington and no one is looking for trouble with the local authorities.  For the purpose of casting your vote in the 2013 H.T.C.C. – all H.T.C.C. participants will be sent a list seven days before the event. This list will contain all of the entrant’s information: the specific strain entered, the type of budder, wax or shatter up for this years judging. In an attempt to give all of the participants in the 2013 H.T.C.C. full exposure to their wonderful flowers and concentrates. A complete list of all of the participating dispensaries and their submitted medications for the 2013 H.T.C.C. will be available for you to purchase and taste for yourself before the event.

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