21 Year Old Cancer Patient Speaks Up For North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act


Meet Chris Westmoreland. Chris was first diagnosed with an unusual cancerous tumor when he was just 18 years old. Now 21 – Westmoreland suffers daily chronic pains that cannot be relieved with modern painkillers. Chris has also hit a dead end in his radiation treatment – his body saturated – he can no longer take the massive hits of radiation needed to kill the tumor.

Imagine being just 21 years old and looking at a bleak future of the paralyzed from the chest down, unable to complete you’re college education, no hope for future employment, all while existing in excruciating pain that could easily be relieved with medical marijuana

“My belief is that – if modern medicine has failed you, and you are in a state of suffering… You have every right to do everything that is within your power to make yourself a better person, and to make you feel better-as long as it affects no one else” Chris noted

Chris’s is painfully aware of his own mortality, but does not want to waste what little cash he has on hand – on expensive and ineffective drugs. Chris has suffered the cocktail mix of modern sciences chemotherapy drugs with no success, and a laundry list of side effects that made Chris long for the days when he was only dealing with the tumors pain.

Chris is utilizing the last of his energy to lobby North Carolina politicians to step up and do the right thing, by passing a medical marijuana bill that would legalize this God-given miracle plant.


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