Colorado Cultivates New Marijuana Regulation For Its Growing “Green Rush”


“We not sure what they’re thinking yet, our greatest concern is that they are going to over-regulate medical marijuana consumption…”


Once Coloradans approved Amendment 64 late last year, opening Pandora’s box for adults over 21 to buy weed for recreational consumption, or possessing up to ounce of pot for their own personal use. Many in the state were concerned over how it may affect the already existing medical marijuana collectives and their sales to the sick residents of Colorado. While Colorado’s would-be recreational pot retailers won’t be able to sell the highly sought after and popular strains – until the end of 2013 – many are planning ahead. Currently – the Colorado state legislature is cultivating sensible marijuana laws, which will no doubt, ‘mold the shape’ and future of rules and regulations regarding recreational pot sales in Colorado.

Earlier this week Colorado’s House of Rep.’s overwhelmingly gave a ‘green thumbs’ up to Bill 1061, more commonly referred to as the “Responsible Medical Marijuana Vendors” initiative. The overall intention of Colorado’s newest marijuana bill is to put in place rules and regulations, with the intention of training the many necessary state medical marijuana workers. After passing its first hurdle, Colorado’s newest marijuana bill is simply waiting for the final Senate “seal of approval” with an affirmative vote. While it’s true the new legislation didn’t fire up any heated debates as it easily cruised to a unanimous victory, many in Colorado’s statehouse are concerned about the remaining obstacles still obstructing the way of the full enactment of Amendment 64.

“We not sure what they’re thinking yet, our greatest concern is that they are going to over-regulate medical marijuana consumption,” lamented the current proprietor of the Green Room in Telluride, Greg Viditz-Ward. “We’re already swamped with paperwork.”

Another collective owner, Michael Grady – of Alpine Wellness, located high above the clouds in Telluride, is extremely pleased that Colorado has initiated open and honest dialogue with the federal government.

As the current rules and regulations mandate, most Colorado collectives cultivate their own crops of chronic inventory. Depending on how the 2013 legislative year shakes out in Colorado, marijuana cultivation and distribution just might be fluctuating in the mile high state.


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