Greedy Cops, Caught Between The Law And Corruption


The “thin blue line” seems to be a little hazy and confusing

 for some that carry a badge and gun.

Bad cops, doing dumb things is nothing new to anyone with a TV set and a penchant for watching the national Circus – which is our 24-hour news cycle. However- sometimes even the most hardened cynic is amazed at the display of stupidity demonstrated by some of the nations less than honest cops.

From the gang of Ohio cops that protected a marijuana distribution crews secret cash stash, to an Alabama officer that saw no harm in hanging on to the illegal substances he was busting others for. The “thin blue line” seems to be a little hazy and confusing for some that carry a badge and gun. At the top of the list of cops doing dumb stuff when they think no one is looking, 10 Atlanta metro area cops accused of taking bribes and helping to keep the local drug gangs in business.

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Life in the Deep South can be a little confusing: example a group of 10 Atlanta cops, both active-duty and retired were taken into custody yesterday during a DOJ set up, going after rogue police officers who made it their ‘part time job’ to keep clandestine drug shipments safe for the traffickers they protected. The group of both, active and retired law enforcement personnel that participated in the protection of the drug trafficking, will now find themselves sitting behind the very bars their part-time bosses were trying to avoid.

Facing 10 years in Alabama state prison, an ex- Hale County deputy, Darrell McGuire, 37, stands accused of not only greed and stupidity – but also keeping a wide range of narcotics he’d acquired during the investigation process of several drug cases he’d been assigned to. McGuire’s dirty dealings were discovered after his superior, the local sheriff, had an epiphany – realizing that McGuire had kept the money given to him to incriminate others during drug deals. McGuire is currently out and free on bond.

None of that was appalling enough? How about Ohio’s Bryan Roos, 43, a police officer at a local Cincinnati College that admitted his guilt late last week to assisting in a covert money laundering and pot-smuggling operation. Roos, has been booked on money laundering, unlawfully setting up financial dealings, and collaborating to import hundreds of pounds of weed from Texas. Despite this laundry list of charges Mr. Roos only pleaded guilty to one charge.

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  1. What excuses did they mumble about I wonder. I know I make fun of pot use but cops are supposed to be taking things a bit more seriously not getting high on the sly.

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