Marijuana Patients Beware: Border Patrol Checkpoints Are Federally Regulated



So you live in a medical marijuana friendly state – wonderful.

You’ve got your valid doctor’s recommendation for pot, and are allowed to travel around in your car while in possession of your state approved medicine, outstanding.

Yet, if you happen to live in one of the medical marijuana states that share the southern border with Mexico, be cautious of traveling with your medical supplies…Or risk the wrath of a federal lashing.

While it’s true that New Mexico and Arizona’s voters have approved the consumption of medical weed for the sick that need it, the border patrol checkpoints in these two states are considered to be regulated by federal law. As such, they can do as they please (flushing your civil liberties down the drain) and enforcing their federal marijuana law.

The bottom line is, if you have cause to cross any border patrol checkpoint… Regardless of your medical standing, pot is still considered illegal by the federal government, and they have no fear of enforcing their ridiculous laws.


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  3. We as a country need to come to stop this. We should be way past this by now. This is almost like Dad said I can but Mom said I cant. Its juvenile, makes me think grow up and get over it, quite trying to show your authority. If one has a Medical card, let them be.

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