Medical Marijuana Proposed For Florida's Sick: “Stoned Old Dudes” Stoked


One veteran Stoner pointed out – that pot smokers come from all walks of life, including the highly educated and extremely successful.


The burning question for Florida’s sick and suffering this morning, is whether or not the country’s fourth populous state will follow the rapidly growing list of states that seek to legalize medical marijuana for its ailing residents.

As the heated debate fires up, proponents and opponents on both sides of the Florida legislature’s are ready to do battle over this national hot topic. As a means of attaining feedback from the public at large, a hearing was held, where over 200 people attended.

As the group “Stoned Old Dudes” stood up and spoke out…making it clear they are not a bunch of “burnt out time wasters.”  One veteran Stoner pointed out – that ‘pot smokers come from all walks of life,’ including the highly educated and extremely successful.

Unfortunately for Floridians marijuana is currently still legal and with a Republican-controlled legislature, not much looks to be changing anytime soon.


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