Plans To Revamp Federal Marijuana Laws Push Forward


The Marijuana Policy Project’s Steve Fox, who worked hand-in-hand with the two Democrats from Washington and Colorado – hits the highlights of their new historic bills aimed at ending the federal marijuana prohibition. If these bills were to pass, they would allow states to determine their own course when it comes to recreational marijuana consumption.  Introduced to Congress to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol at the federal level, the intention is to convert the billions of dollars wasted on marijuana prohibition, into a beneficial revenue stream.

To hear Steve Fox’s take on her current situation one might assume the outcome was a given…

“What we think will be the real driver in Congress, is the fact that states like Colorado and Washington have now made weed legal on the state level and they are setting up their own systems of regulation and taxation.”

While Steve is absolutely correct that the successful 2012 marijuana legalization bills passed by the forward thinking residents of Colorado and Washington have gone a long way to create significant momentum behind efforts to end marijuana prohibition. The primary question remains… whether or not the political will is on our side?


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