The 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup: The Chronic Winners List


From venue changes, to the Glendale city councils inhospitable – last-minute yanking of the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup permit to operate in their fair city… This year’s cup did not fail to provide excitement, chronic meds and killer music.

As a multitude of Southern California’s top collectives entered some of their most chronic and dense marijuana strains, concentrates and edibles – this weekend’s high Times cannabis cup at the San Bernardino NOS events Center was loaded with great seminars, music and California prop 215 approved medicine.

As Sunday evening came to a head… ‘The Game’ and  ‘Red Man’ hit the stage and fired up – some fat blunts and some killer tunes at the smoke-filled NOS events Center.

[youtube]When the smoke finally cleared, and after Red Man and The Game handed over the stage to Tommy Chong, the 2013 High Times medical cannabis cup lifetime achievement winner… There was nothing left to do except announce the winners.

Here’s a quick rundown of the entrants…and the winners


…And The Winners Are

1 –  Cali Connection
2 – TGA Seeds
3 –  Alpha Medic

1 –  VapeXhale
2 – Pulse Glass
3 – Cloud Vape

1 – Pure Glass
2 – TIE
Bumblebee Torchtube by Banjo for Hitman Glass
Pulse Glass

1 – Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar by River City Phoenix/ Kiva Confections
2 – Sweet Stone Gummy Bears by Magnolia Wellness
3 – Strawberry Lemonade by Buds and Roses/The Venice Cookie Company

CBD AWARD (For highest level of CBD)
GDP Sandman by Grandaddypurp Collective

1 – Honey B OG Nectar by Green Coast Deliveries
2 – The Wheezy by IECC
3 – Tan-G Shatter by Fresh Off the Bud Extractions

1 – Lemon OG Solvent-less Wax BAMF Extractions by Buds and Roses
2 – Tangerine OG Solvent-less Wax by Greenest Green LA/Essential Extracts
3 – Dairy Queen Solvent-Free Wax by “The Real” Medical Collective.

1 – Girl Scout Cookies by Life Is Good
2 – Veganic Tahoe OG by Buds and Roses
3 – Banana OG  by Cool Calm Collective

1 – Godfather OG by Alpha Medic
2 – OG Eddy Lepp by 3rd Gen Family
3 – Grimace OG by Archive Seedbank

1 – Tanj by Reserva Privada
2 – Veganic Ghost Train Haze #1 by Buds and Roses
3 – Red Congolese by Magnolia Wellness

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