Washington State Police Department Performs "Driving While High" Experiment


 …and the three participants smoked it!


Between the quick flash of some Blueberry Train Wreck, and an important topic thats screams for dissemination… this YouTube video got my attention.

In the first test of its sort…at least that I’ve witnessed, three solid Americans like you and me – stepped up as volunteers in the hopes of ending the misguided belief, and the long perpetuated marijuana myth. That “driving stoned” as is currently defined by the 5 ng limitation is unsafe. However what they found, with the help of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department in Washington state was quite different.

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Starting off was Addy, a 27-year-old medical marijuana patient and self-admitted heavy daily smoker. Who started off by informing those conducting the experiment that she had already gotten high before she arrived – that’s the spirit Addy. As a means of establishing the baseline THC level in her blood, Addy was tested and came back at over three times the current legal limit in the state of Washington for driving while high. Nice.

Next up – 34-year-old Dylan, a weekend toker, who unlike Addy came in stone cold sober.

And Last but not least – 56-year-old Jeff, who only admits to being an occasional partaker in the nation’s number one recreational substance, and like Dylan came in with no detectable marijuana in his system.

Firing up the experiment, each of the three participants was given 3/10 of a gram of Washington’s finest buds to smoke to their head. While the first two occasional puffers admitting to feeling a little “high”, my girl Addy said she felt perfectly normal. As is probably the case with most high tolerance individuals.

Here’s the video, judge for yourself — it’s nice to see people discussing this topic open and honestly. It only benefits society to do so.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dw1HavgoK9E&w=560&h=315]

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  1. What exactly is a “solid American”?? And what the hell is the matter with people’s English these days? Thanks, but I won’t “chill” either, because then I would be cold. However, I will relax, and I don’t need weed to do so (fucking hippies). Rock On!

  2. The video is no longer available, account closed. If you have another link please get it out to people. Thank you everyone.

  3. I’ve always said driving stoned is way better than driving drunk. No loss of senses, judgement, etc., unlike alcohol where judgement goes right out the door. Never heard of a death by marijuana use as opposed to how many deaths due to DUI. Now that myth is debunked got any other myths out there about marijuana vs alcohol and driving??? !!!

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  5. Interesting test. Being a long time toker, I’ve often thought that driving while stoned is easy, but only on commercial grade smoke. One thing for sure, if I feel too loaded to drive, I wont drive. Unfortunately, alcohol works differently. You still “think” your in control and drive accordingly. How do they determine how much you have in you? A blood test?

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