West Alabama Narcotics Task Force Busts 61 Students… In Drug Raid Of 74


Kids being kids, and cops being cops… Which is worse?


The West Alabama Narcotics Task Force is finally making the type of headlines they can walk around slapping each other on the backs for (at least in their world). Particularly after that nasty little F.B.I investigation, regarding massive discrepancies in how their task force handled money confiscated in large-scale drug busts. You don’t say?

As a means of demonstrating who is truly in charge… And that drug’s (along with police assistance) can absolutely ruin lives. The West Alabama narcotics task force swooped in on the University of Alabama arresting 74 individuals on drug related charges (not sure how many were for pot) , of which – 61 were students. Armed with search warrants, a multi-task force, joint operation was carried out during yesterday’s early morning hours. As the University of Alabama enforces a strict zero-tolerance policy – one way or another, this will end up being a life changing event for these students.

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The West Alabama Narcotics Task Force with assistance from the Tuscaloosa PD, Northport PD, The University of Alabama PD, US Marshal Task Force, and the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office have been executing drug related search warrants and arresting individuals with arrest warrants since 4:00 am Tuesday morning. The warrants were obtained after a 2 month long narcotics investigation.

In addition to the 74 on Tuesday, 15 others have been arrested during the course of the investigation.

University President Dr. Judy Bonner sent out the following message in regards to Tuesday’s events:

“Earlier this morning, the local multi-agency drug enforcement task force concluded investigations that resulted in search and arrest warrants being served on and off the UA campus. UAPD, which is a participating agency with the task force, assisted with the investigations and arrests.

The students who were arrested will be referred to Judicial Affairs. Once judicial reviews are completed, students will receive sanctions up to and including expulsion. UA has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the sale or distribution of drugs, on or off campus, and we will continue to vigorously enforce that policy.

These students represent a small group of UA students. UA will review our current policies and practices to ensure that we are doing all we can to educate students to make the best decisions they can and that we are providing an environment that is conducive to learning. Students must understand that they have a choice when it comes to their behavior, and that their decision to violate drug laws and the Student Code of Conduct will have consequences.

One of our top priorities at The University of Alabama is the security and well-being of our students. We invest significant time and resources in a three-pronged approach that focuses on education, environment and enforcement. And, our commitment to student safety and well-being extends beyond the geographic boundaries of our campus. The University is extremely disappointed when students make choices about substance abuse that can have such a significant and negative impact on their lives and others, including their families, their friends, other students and this University.

I can assure you that we will continue to work diligently with students and parents to effectively address the national problem of substance abuse on our campus and in our community. Please know that I am committed to making sure that students have the information they need to make good decisions. And, that I am committed to leading the way for every student who chooses to be successful in his/her academic and personal endeavors. Together, we will focus on the highest possible ethical, moral and legal standards.”

Judy Bonner

These are scary times to be a student at the University of Alabama…




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  1. Hi at 62 yrs old what make you sick is the power that be lets hard drug flow and control most pot services in the world.But with their lies 1,000,000,000,000 lives have been broken and families shamed WHY,Money….Spread the word no one go to court when arrested.We will be arresting them soon and they who have harmed so many will be sorry not that pot head would do any thing violent but we have the power of good and mind power .I

  2. Unreal.
    I say we give people who have the ability to think for themselves and want to claim what is rightfully theirs as an American Citizen a window of opportunity to escape the South.
    Then we blow the living crap out of the place.
    Good riddance.

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