West Virginia Lawmaker Cultivates Medical Marijuana Bill


Not that West Virginia is unique in having bizarre and laughable laws on the books…like the intriguing little piece of legislation that allows for the slightly more degenerate males within the great state of West Virginia, to have sex with animals. So long as the violated critter doesn’t “exceed 40 pounds.”

Showing signs of serious legislative progress, West Virginia has elected to emerge from the dark ages of retarded lawmaking – by introducing its first medical marijuana legislation. Congratulations and welcome to the party.

A bill introduced Friday would allow patients with debilitating medical issues to use medical marijuana if their doctors recommend the prescription. It would also create five centers across the state where patients could get the drug. Patients would also be allowed to grow up to 12 marijuana plants in their home. Similar bills have been introduced in the past two legislative session, but they have failed to pass.

A hearty congratulations should be afforded to W.Va. Dem Mike Manypenny -Taylor County for sparking this sweet piece of legislation.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYVxBU3WoAU]

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  1. Monterey Bud on

    Update: 4.3.2013 –

    Despite not having of anyone who out-right opposed it, the West Virginia Medical Marijuana Bill Has stalled. Dead in it’s tracks with just 2 weeks remaining in legislative session, likely to die a lonely death.

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