Why The New “Stiletto Stoners” Prefer Pot Over Alcohol


The idea that marijuana smoking is an activity reserved for those relegated to the “XY chromosome“, primarily based on an unjustified fear of being stigmatized as a ‘stoner’ by society – is quickly proving itself as passé. For instance – last Halloween two of pop music’s reigning divas battled it out for highest honors in Hollywood’s annual chronic costume frenzy known as Hallo-weed.

First to show her true colors was Lady Gaga as “Princess High the Cannabis Queen” an omage to a plant that has sparked her creativity numerous times, delivering countless inspirational ideas for songs, while at the same time providing a safe and effective way to relax after the stressful high of entertaining a crowd of screaming fans.

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While Rihanna has recently re-sparked the old flame in her heart for Chris Brown, on Halloween night 2012, Rihanna’s costume was all about her affection for Mary Jane.

As these two cultural icons unabashedly declared their support for the peaceful state of mind provided by smoking a joint of some good pot, the reigning queens of pop music joined the rapidly growing list of successful women who are willing to step out of the shadows of oppression and show their affection for this God-given miracle plant.

Professional females from all walks of life are proudly making their voices heard, as the agonizingly long war against cannabis and hemp seems to be on its final death march. And the federal government’s insane prohibition against a plant is… s-l-o-w-l-y climbing its way to the top of the national garbage heap of misguided beliefs – Relegated to burning in the bonfire of stupidity

From Manhattan to Beverly Hills the “stiletto stoners” are proud to let their voice be heard…


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