Dylan Ratigan Praises Marijuana Cultivators For Creating High-Tech Hydroponics [Video]


What a long, strange trip life can be … The one time host of MSNBC’s Fast Money – Dylan Ratigan has turned on, tuned in, and dropped out of the hired liar business. Instead he has taken up a much more honorable trade, hydroponic gardening. As such, Dylan reached out and acknowledged the great work done by comedian Tommy Chong for promoting marijuana legalization, as well as today’s marijuana cultivators, for taking hydroponic technology to a whole new level of efficiency and production.

 “I’d like to issue a letter of gratitude to Tommy and all the hydroponic marijuana growers in the world,” he said on The Young Turks. “Much as porn made the Internet, the cutting edge of hydroponic lighting and water flow and nutrient film technique that really has been been perfect as a result of the marijuana industry is the very techniques that we are now benefiting from to yield incredibly nutritious kale, bok choy, swiss chard, basil, bell peppers — you pick it. So, Tommy, thank you.”

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After ending his three-year run at MSNBC, Ratigan moved to southern California to pursue a career as an organic, hydroponic farmer. He claimed the farm he now works on uses 90 percent less water, yet produces three times the amount of food compared to traditional farms.

 “Because of the incredible investment from the marijuana industry over the past couple of decades, the available technology for hydroponic kale farmers and basil farmers like myself is absolutely stunning, and because of the legalization of marijuana in so many places, while marijuana prices are declining, kale prices are rising,” he added.


Watch video – courtesy of Current TV:

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