Epilepsy, Medical Marijuana And The Increased Quality Of Life


When you see your son sick for one day… does it hurt? How about seeing your child in pain 24, 7, 365.  That’s got to be a whole new realm of hell. And any responsible parent would do whatever they had to…in order to ease the pain of their child’s suffering.

While it may not be what you pictured medical marijuana to look like, its a life saver none the less for 6 year old Jayden. Born with a rare form of epilepsy Jayden’s option are few and far between. Struggling to improve his son’s quality of life, the father followed the good Doctor’s advice and started administering cannabis to calm his seizures.

About 45 minutes after giving Jayden the canna butter, not only was he calmer, David said it stopped the seizure. “He’s in pain and suffering and crying,” he said. “You have to do whatever it takes to save their life.” Pharmaceutical drugs have failed the Modesto, Calif., family.

“He couldn’t chew. He couldn’t walk. He couldn’t take a bath,” said David.After a year of taking a liquid form of medical marijuana — made mostly of cannabidiol that doesn’t get you high — Jayden’s playing, running and climbing.

Jayden is also eating solid food. From 22 pills a day to treat his epilepsy, he’s down to a pill and a half. Source


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  1. I had epilepsy as a child 40 years ago, petite and Grand Mall seizures.
    the doctor although he could not in 1972 prescribe cannabis as a medication he told me to consume it
    good thing because my seizures stopped, and I no longer have to take their pharmaceutical pills, so doctors have used it as a medicine for over 40 years .
    the federal law listing as a schedule 1 narcotic is retarded

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