Ice Cream Truck Used By Weed Dealers As Mobile Pot Shop


Cheech and Chong would be proud…


You can’t make this stuff up! Harking back to the day’s of Cheech and Chong two men have been caught ‘Green Handed‘. The two would be pot dealers were apprehended when their Ice Cream truck was pulled over for expired tags.

Unlike Nice Dreams though, these two were not fun loving stoners, looking to make a few extra bucks by selling their fresh grown pool weed. Complete with pimped out rims – my guess is that these two low key fall guy’s were hired pot slingers for the Mexican drug cartel, looking to make some serious cash, peddling their bosses dirt weed back across the border.

It would appear that one of the defining difference between a low IQ and those that have an ability to avoid a ugly interaction with the police – is that an intelligent person can sense the need for subtlety.


sub·tle·ty /ˈsətltē/ Noun The quality or state of being subtle.



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