Is Dabbing Dangerous? I Don't Think So, But Some Do…


It’s kind of funny to hear the argument put forward in this piece…

Dab’s are dangerous because it’s more potent.  

Yet, what the piece fails to mention, is that because of its potency – the consumer needs far less. Not to mention the fact that when one  “DAB’s” they are vaporizing the active ingredients from the marijuana plant — rather than smoking it…avoiding the BURNING of any plant matter — which is carcinogenic.

On with failed logic….

by Alex Hambrick — Dabbing is gaining popularity, but the high THC concentration and butane infused form of marijuana has many parents and law enforcement concerned about the negative effects of the potent and potentially toxic form.

“It’s just more potent than other drugs and its easier to come by than any other drug and there’s a lot of people that will do that instead of just going out and smoking marijuana or something,” said high school junior Kelsey Raley.

Deputy Chad Williams said the potent form can be hard to identify and wants to help parents know what they are looking for.

“They’ll dab some of that resin or that sticky glue or ear wax or whatever it is that they have and inside the nail and dome bong is a titanium nail and they will use the butane torch to then heat the nail up so its glowing hot,” said Williams.

Deputy Williams said dabbing or dabs is an issue because users are saturating their brain with THC. The waxy form contains 75% of THC where standard marijuana only has a 10-15% concentration.

I would be willing to bet that no one reporting on this story has actually ever tried marijuana concentrates, minus myself. And I hit that golden elixir of relaxation about four times a day. Compared to the 5 to 10 joints a day I used to smoke, Dab’s are significantly healthier… at least for me.



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  1. Back in the 70’s I found a comic book called Dr Atomics Marijuana Multiplier. It showed how to “Isomerize & Reflux” marijuana and wind up with a Hash Oil substance possibly more than twice as strong as BHO due to a rotated carbon chain on the THC molecule and another step that adds a carbon structure to the chemical that gives you the munchies.. A research chemist friend of mine and I eventually sorted it out with proper glassware rather than the crude method shown in the comic. It is a little more complicated process but I highly recommend you research it for yourself. Another step added an acetate structure that turned your product into THC Acetate which is a Hallucinogenic but explosive process/step – be careful….. Once you try Dr Atomics process you might not make BHO again! I’ve been using this hi rotation THC Hash Oil for years since and strongly recommend you try it as well. I am now 66, have been 420 friendly since 1965 and I believe in better living with modern chemistry and science!! All the info is still available if you look hard enough………

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