Jimmy Fallons Top Five Pro – Con Arguments Of Marijuana Legalization


How much do you want to bet that after a long nights work… Jimmy Fallon kicks back on his extremely plush couch and hits more than a couple of fat bong rips. If so, his audience sure wouldn’t seem to mind.

After polling his studio audience on  their current belief regarding marijuana legalization: legalize it or not? And receiving the obvious response -seemingly all but one in the studio audience were overwhelmingly in favor recreational pot laws. Jimmy went on to run down his list of marijuana legalization’s pros and cons.

1.) Pro: it could generate millions in revenue for states. Con: it could generate trillions in revenue for Taco Bell.

2.) Pro: Taxing marijuana sales can help the U.S. avoid a fiscal cliff. Con: Then we can celebrate with a fiscal split.

3.) Pro: Marijuana is legal in two states. Con: And Preetty much legal in the other 48.

4.) Pro: To increase “drug tourism,” Colorado has come up with a new advertising slogan: Cons: “What happens in Colorado, stays in Colo… Wait, what was I talking about???

5.) Pro: Getting high with your family at Thanksgiving. Con: Watching your grandma pour Cheetos all over her turkey.

While you may not find any humor in Jimmy’s attempt at trivializing our national debate, the fact that weed received such an overwhelming response from his studio audience was great. In addition to a being a topic of national discussion…the fact that the American public is willing to laugh at the notion of marijuana being thought of as a dangerous substance, should be considered baby steps forward towards overall public acceptance.

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  1. Oh it’s so true. I know a LOT of us in RI would love to see pot legalized!! Yes and there are baby steps towards that, yeah!! I’m now 61 and have smoked it since I was 16 and I feel fine. No hangover the next day. I feel liquor should be phohibited if any drug should be. Look at all the rehab’s for that?

  2. Now 66 years old, I’ve been “420 Friendly” since 1965. As a Liver and Neck & Throat Cancer survivor I use my “Medicine” daily. Everyone involved in my health care & recovery knows this and 98 of 100 of them agree with me on it’s usefulness.

    The only cons I’ve found were the 3 times I was arrested by federal agents (Office of Naval Intelligence) and once by local narcs (using a snitch) in Phoenix, Az. All this was back in the late 60’s. Still taking over 20 different medications daily, I was able to stop taking 7 other medications due to my use of marijuana medically.

    I guess living here in Florida where it is still illegal might be considered the only another con I can come up with!!.

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