Lost Wax, Loud Music And The Hopes Of A Better Tomorrow


♫♫ “You’re gonna fly high, You’re never gonna die, you’re gonna make it if you try;

they’re gonna love you” ♫♫ — Pink Floyd “Have A Cigar”

 Loud music always helps me clean…

Spring is almost here; this means different things to different people. Some will be busying themselves, getting ready for a productive and successful germination and transplantation of their 2013 crop. Others will be getting their plans solidified for the first ever “Recreational” High Times Cannabis Cup — held in Denver Colorado. As for me, I’m cleaning my desk… wondering where the hell I left my last two grams of killer OG wax?

Oh well…fortunately for me, I’m taking off tomorrow and heading back to CA . As it turns out, traveling with meds is a line I’m not willing to cross; too many “Marijuana.com” and “WeedMaps” stickers on my laptop to make for a smooth glide… through the always curious and press hungry TSA check points.

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Nothing good can come from these types of interactions…and I know it. Instead, I’ll wait till I get off at LAX, pull out my iPhone, fire up my WeedMaps App…which will then help direct me to the nearest collectives that carry the strains I love. I’ll read a few reviews, just to make sure everything looks legit. Then away I go.

As the winter snows of 2013 begin melting in Colorado, heated by the multitudes of Vector torches glowing red hot, this high powered THC delivery method just seems to be getting better tasting and more popular all of the time. There was a period, not too long ago. Where I didn’t care for wax. The first dab I took, blew my sh!t up. But it was my fault… I guess.  I made a classic rookie mistake and stepped up with 25 + years of pot smoking bravado. Hitting the Oil rig like a marijuana bong…was a very painful faux pax! Since then, I have learned many things about the health benefits associated with vaporizing marijuana concentrates (Dabbing), and baring any unforeseen events, don’t intend on hitting flower any time in the near future.

Since I can’t find my stash… I might as well sit and watch Gil get high.


A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones. — Proverbs 14:30

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