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Occasionally, there are times when the simple act of stuffing your bowl or twisting a fat joint just doesn’t seem to pay the proper homage — to the tasty meds you’ve recently picked up at your nearby collective.

Today – cross breeding genetic wizardry allows for the creation of new strains at the drop of a hat. Pumping out variation after variation of high quality hybrids, created by technically advanced weed botanists, as well as the chronic one-off grow shops that dot the 18+ medical marijuana states.

These incredibly complex hybrids and fruity sativa strains are worthy of the connoisseurs praise when consumed in any form. That being said…no bong or bubbler would be able to compete with the massive California Canyon. A little something I picked up from a recent High Times mag.

Pics and Words by Lochfoot – This month, we’re paying tribute to a Romulan strain cultivated in California’s own Sonoma Valley, better known for its wine, women, and … bongs. We’ve decided that the water pipe is hardly the tool of choice for tasty varietals such as the Romulan. This strain requires something more – a little number my friends like to call the Cali-Cannon.

You will need the better part of an eighth to build this mother, and trying to smoke it down with less than three heads is suicidal. Some jumbo sized papers will also be required (we used the clear variety here for full visual affect). And if you don’t have Andre the giant-sized hands, you’ll need either a dollar bill or, in our case, a well-used playing card from an old deck to keep things even. Finally, while the Cali -Canon is good to the last puff, it’s a good idea to use a crutch, which you can make from another card (believe me, the deck you’ve sacrificed will forgive you).

The master recipe also calls for 2 grams of the finest hash you can get your sticky little hands – and remember not to insult the strain with a substandard chunk of goo from some novice basement producer.

Now that you’ve got all the ingredients together, start off by breaking down your herb into a smooth joint rolling consistency. Remembering to move any stems that may rip a hole in the mother of all joints.

Next, warm up the hash a little by gently squishing it between your palms until it has the consistency of Play Doh. The idea here is to roll it into a thin shaft that will run the length of your California Canyon.

Now it’s time to roll. Place your freshly ground greenery inside the paper on top of the rolling card. Next, lay the hash shaft down the center of your pile with a crutch on one end and then roll away. Take your time and remember: it requires some practice to master this particular technique. Keep some extra rolling papers on hand to repair any minor holes or splits along the way.

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Once your joint is rolled, it’s time to apply the honey oil to the end of the barrel. Here, we gooped the oil onto a butter knife and gently rolled the bomber 360° for an even coat. Finally, we placed our chief onto the playing card that we fashioned into a crutch and dredged the end of our Cali-Canyon through the mind numbing powder as the finishing touch.

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Now it’s time to go… Put on your tunes of choice, fire the sucker up and initiate liftoff.


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  1. Oh gawds, that looks like such a great way to get stoned. I certainly wouldn’t be complaining. Well, I would complain in a way.
    “Gawds give me something to drink. Juice and other fruit drinks are really good.” Probably a thirst quencher would also taste really good, while stoned. Anyways, no one had posted. Now Someone Has. 😉

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