Texas Sized Battle Over Marijuana Sentencing Fires Up State Debate


Christ! In the not so great state of Texas, in this day and age…someone caught lighting up, or growing weed can still be sentenced to a jail term north of 180 days, just for smoking pot. As Bat Sh!t crazy as this sounds to us, can you imaging rotting in jail for 6 months  — over growing a plant or having some buds? Yeah, me neither. Apparently the stiff sentencing guidelines have some legislators in the Texas capitol of Austin, up in arms. Now some lawmakers  are searching for a more equitable outcome for such a minor offense, protecting the average stoner from being vindictively prosecuted. 

AUSTIN (Kiii News) – Getting caught with marijuana can land a person some jail time, but Texas state lawmakers are discussing a bill to change that. House Bill 184 – sponsored by Harold Dutton of Houston – is being debated in the State Capitol.

The bill calls for a reduced penalty for the possession of small amounts of weed.

Instead of jail time upwards of 180 days, a person caught with up to one ounce of marijuana would pay a $500 fine, but no time behind bars.

Proponents of the bill say the move would reduce the strain on law enforcement in order to pursue more serious crimes.

“They know that the police are spending a ton of time right now on marijuana,” Rob Kampia, Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project said. “They know that the police are not arresting everyone who commits murder, rape and burglary.”

No word yet on when a final decision on the bill will be handed down.


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  1. NORML Texas, activist native Texans (like me) and even our state reps are working hard to push for reform here. It’s going to happen. We could use your help. Take and breath knock off the Texas bashing. We live here.

    Joshua McClure
    Texan, Veteran & CEO

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