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25 Pictures of Bugs Bunny, Who Turned 75 Today, Looking Very High


Bugs Bunny was born 75 years ago and has been gracing home and big screens ever since, providing the stoned and the un-stoned with shameless laughter throughout this time. Like most cartoon characters, heavy subliminal weed messages run rampant through the Bugs Bunny Lore. While we don’t know exactly what the Looney Tooney creators of Bugs were smoking when they created the Bunny, Elmer Fudd Wile E. Coyote, The Tasmanian Devil, and an array of other off-the-cuff characters, we do know this: they were definitely smoking some good shit.

To celebrate the commander in keef of the Looney Tunes’ birthday, here are 20ish pictures and GIFs of Bugs Bunny…on weed:



Hold up…This one’s Trippy Mane:



Let’s end this with perhaps the best quote from an NBA player of all time. Or at least the best quote about a fictional cartoon character by an NBA player of all time, Delonte West: “Bugs Bunny is the smoothest dude I ever met. You know he be chillin’ like it just be a normal day and he- it be cold just like how it is in Boston and he just want to dive in the ground, pop up, he be like oh man this ain’t Albuquerque. Thats got to be the tightest life you just hop underneath the ground and go! No traffic, no Mass pike, no tolls, no taking Yankee hats off- just underneath the ground…BAM…carrots…Albuquerque. It might seem crazy to you but it’s just a different way of expressing myself. I think it’s kind of freaky.”

Now go roll up a Giant carrot-size blunt for Bugs:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlYUFisuF7k]

…That’s all folks…

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