GALLERY: 420 Photos of Girls With Weed and Bongs


In honor of our national high-holiday, 4/20 (this Friday), we scoured the internet and put together a gallery featuring 420 photos of girls (and some women) with weed and/or paraphernalia. A couple observations from this rather tedious and stressful “research.” 1) There’s not a lot of pictures of chicks with weed on the internet. 2) There’s even less pictures of good looking girls with nugs. That needs to change in the immediate future, and we certainly have plans to do just that. In the meantime, enjoy this gallery of  the hottest (and maybe the only ones worth sharing) 420 of those photos.


[nggallery id=24]


If your photograph appears on here, and you’d like us to remove it, please email If you’re a model (professional or aspiring) based in or around Southern California and would like to appear on, please email me as well.

Special shout outs to Hail Mary Jane, Girls Gone Weed, and Cannabis Cuties–this gallery wouldn’t be possible without the inspiration and photos you provided.

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  1. this is just another example of the male degradation of the female to his own sexual fantasy of impotence in reality….get over it you will never ever get a woman who thinks your junk is pipe. disgusting.dream on effers.

    • lmao this is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. I never once wanted my girl to think my junk was a pipe but alright! Hot chicks and weed! Two of my favorite things in the world

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