Idaho Marijuana Legalization Supporters Continue Their Fight After Having Kids Hi-Jacked By The State | Marijuana

Idaho Marijuana Legalization Supporters Continue Their Fight After Having Kids Hi-Jacked By The State


So you support marijuana legalization in Idaho? And are vocal about it – taking your cause to the media. Well then – you had better be ready for the hammer of injustice to visit your home… at least once in a while. 

Seemingly, that was the lesson two upset Idaho medical marijuana activists learned. Despite having their children ripped from their arms, they continue to fire up support for marijuana legalization.

Are they model parents… probably not. But who is? We all have short comings. Some need a fist full of pharmaceuticals to sleep every night, while others drink themselves into a stupor and call it bliss. Regardless of your moral compass – yanking kids from their parents, for having weed in their home, is just plain wrong.

Lindsey and Josh Rinehart spoke in support of medical marijuana legalization, carried signs, and talked to members of the media at Monday’s rally on the Statehouse steps.

About a dozen others joined the Rineharts in their cause. Many were from the pro-pot group Compassionate Idaho. The event comes almost a week after police say they searched the Rinehart’s home, finding marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The search resulted in the couple’s two children being turned over to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Rinehart admits to having the pot for medical reasons, but says the seizure of her children was wrong.

Boise Police say the investigation started last week after a school official reported an 11-year-old child had apparently eaten some marijuana and was feeling ill. Officers say the child was not one of the Rinehart’s children.

Police say they traced the marijuana to the Rinehart’s home on Malad Street in Boise. That’s where they reportedly found found illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia in areas commonly used by children between five and 11-years-old.

While she admits to having illegal cannabis in her home, Rinehart believes she should be able to use it for medical purposes, and also she says she’s fighting to get her boys back.

“You don’t remove a patient’s children for having cannabis,” Rinehart said. “This is why we fight to change the rules in Idaho. This is the perfect example of why.”


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  1. I was interested by this article at first because of the topic, but was saddened by the photograph. If this thing is ever going to take off, people must take their appearance seriously. Put on a business suit. Wear your Sunday best. Brush your teeth. and for fucks sakes, cut your hair and run a comb through it. Image is everything. While I hate to sound like a repugnant douche, but the fact remains that the grungey, dazed and confused look is not only making a mockery of us…its turning away the anti-pot people who would otherwise be on the fence. I’m not asking for people to shelve their philosophical ideals, but if you want to play ball–dress the part. Take this seriously, share valid scientific evidence, and eliminate the Idiocracy associations with this movement!

    • Dear Tom…you might look none the better if you’d been up for a week straight wondering where your children were, whether they are being taken care of, and all the while dealing with M.S. and P.T.S.D. with no proper medication. She’s disabled which means that she gets the very least of medical care and NO dental insurance. She’s in pain inside and out and standing in the wind besides and you want her to look great and wear a business suit. This is the face of America and one of the many reasons that we advocate for broad change. We need much better care than we’re getting and if someone’s appearance offends you then this is the wrong forum for you. What the article doesn’t state is that the cannabis was in a locked closet and then in a locked safe. I don’t know where that constitutes a place frequented by the children. There was no possible way that a child could have accessed it and I highly doubt anything that the police or H&W say about ANYTHING. The authorities can use only accusations to steal your children…no due process, nothing. 85% of child abuse reports are unfounded and yet the children get taken away in the MAJORITY of these cases. Watch out cannabis users! If you have young children do NOT trust the school. The schools work with the police and H&W to steal your children if they do not agree with your lifestyle or your choices.

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