Oregon House Bill 3460: Are State Sanctioned Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Your Future


While Oregonians first passed their medical marijuana legislation in 1998, allowing state authorized patients to both possess and grow medical cannabis. Until House Bill 3460 becomes law and directs the Oregon Health Authority to establish a system, by which dispensaries and grow facilities can be monitored, the quality and health of the medicine will remain under a cloud of suspicion.

Fortunately for Oregon’s medical marijuana communityHB 3460 has germinated nicely and is beginning to sprout strong roots throughout the Oregon Legislature.

The two Democrats [Sen. Floyd Prozanski & Rep. Peter Buckley] which planted this medicinal marijuana statute in the fertile soil of Oregon’s legislature, would mandate that all MMJ grow ops and collectives follow all rules and regulations; including obtaining the proper licensure from the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.

Let’s take a quick look at a summary of Oregon’s HB 3460:

 Oregon House Bill 3460

Oregon House Bill 3460

View Oregon’s complete House Bill 3460

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