The Czech Republic, Once Known As Bohemia – Fires Up Medical Marijuana Sales In Pharmacies


The Czech Republic, formerly known as Bohemia [yes, of Bohemian Rhapsody fame] are truly living up to their name. In Wikipedia, a “Bohemian” is defined as a person in love with the arts, one that tends to be a socially avant-garde and willing to live outside the normal structure of society.

Understanding the Czech Republic’s history, it should come as little shock to anyone, that the one-time hippie state of Bohemia can now legally sell medicinal marijuana, in the pharmacies that dot the once communist ruled state.

The prescription-only drug formally became legal on Monday, but was virtually unavailable as most pharmacies across the ex-communist European Union state of 10.5 million were closed over to the Easter long weekend.

Prague will first import the drug for about a year, reportedly from Israel or the Netherlands, until the State Institute for Drug Control starts issuing licenses to local growers for a maximum of five years.

The institute will also determine the crop area and organize tenders for marijuana purchases from farmers.

An EU member since in 2004, the Czech Republic provides some of the most liberal access to soft drugs in Europe.

People holding up to 15 grams (0.53 ounces) of marijuana or growing up to five plants of cannabis risk just a small fine—an approach that often attracts smokers from other countries such as neighbouring Poland, where tougher laws apply.

A 2011 national report on narcotics said 16.1 percent of Czechs aged 15-34 admitted to having used marijuana in that year, down from 20.3 percent a year earlier.



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