Two Pound-Joint Seized By Cops At Santa Cruz 4/20 Rally


The Santa Cruz police department clearly do not abide by the unwritten “let it slide on 4/20” rule, and snatched this 2 pound joint that looks like an enlarged sperm from harmless stoned revelers over the weekend. It’s pretty much hilarious picture, until you realize that the cop just took $5,000 worth of bud (probably outdoor bs) from some bros. Hopefully they didn’t shred it or smoke it, because this J belongs in a museum.

Watch the video via Daily Mail for some comedy.

“We’re going to court man. We’re totally going to court.” Well, that’s just like your opinion man.

Fortunately, elsewhere around the globe, massive joints were indeed smoked on 4/20. This one in Denver, before some asshole let off a round and made a nation of harmless stoners look like gangsters.


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