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What You Should Tell A Cop When You're Pulled Over With Blunts and Guns


Robbie Sykes kept it really real in Des Moines, Iowa, telling cops that he had 20 dime sacks because he was going to a Twerkfest and the chicks at this Twerkfest dig weed. According to Urban Dictionary, a Twerkfest is defined as follows: A large gathering consisting of many biddies and a few grenades. Once the gathering is underway and many of the females have had their share to drink they begin to twerk on multiple guys for hours on end, usually till they drop of exhaustion.

This of course ended really well for Sykes.

Robbie Lee Sykes, 27, told an officer he was going to a “twerk fest” at the Marquee on Ingersoll Avenue. Girls like marijuana, Sykes said, adding that he was hoping to pick up some girls at the dance party, according to a police report.

An officer pulled over Sykes shortly before midnight for crossing the center line on Walnut Avenue. Sykes said he had a gun on his lap and had a weapons permit, the report said.

After smelling marijuana in the car, the officer searched Sykes and found 20 bags of marijuana, a blunt, $100 in cash and a .40 caliber handgun in addition to the .38 caliber revolver Sykes had mentioned, according to the report.

Sykes consented to a search of his bedroom at his father’s house in the 2500 block of Walnut Avenue, where officers found three extended .40 caliber magazines, multiple boxes of ammunition and a bag of marijuana, police said.

When he was booked into the Polk County Jail, officers reportedly found another bag of marijuana in Sykes’s sock.

Sykes was charged with possession of narcotics with intent to deliver, introducing contraband to a correctional facility and driving left of center.

Mr. Sykes is just another glowing emblem for the movement to legalize marijuana.

via Des Moines Register

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  1. This is exactly the reason we shouldn’t have prohibitive laws as you can see they don’t stop anyone from breaking the law. The senseless and unrighteous always seem to do a great job of hanging themselves. These cases need to be looked on as a failure of the law and the failure of moral society at large. Or maybe we shouldn’t allow our paid employees to harass us on the roads that we also pay for?

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