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76% of Doctors From 72 Countries Approve of Medical Marijuana


While the Federal Government still hasn’t figured out (or admitted) that Cannabis has a wealth of medicinal benefits, all the doctors in the world have. A recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine states that a massive 76% of doctors in 72 different countries stand by Medicinal Marijuana.

This is no surprise, as even doctors in the 19th century used pot as a potion. But it’s yet ANOTHER clearcut example of how hypocritical and absurd this state of prohibition is. Read it and weep for those who still go to jail for smoking their medicine:

“We were surprised by the outcome of polling and comments, with 76 percent of all votes in favor of the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes — even though marijuana use is illegal in most countries,” the survey’s authors wrote.

The results appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine on May 30. It included responses from 1,446 doctors from 72 different countries and 56 different states and provinces in North America. In addition, 118 doctors posted comments about their decision on the survey.

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal “drug” in the United States. The 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) revealed that 15.2 million people had smoked weed in the month before being surveyed, and it was used by 75.6 percent of all illicit drug users.

Marijuana has also been linked to medical benefits, and has been shown to relieve pain, improve mood and increase appetite for patients who are prescribed it medicinally, but the National Institute on Drug Abuse pointed out that the evidence of its benefits is not enough to give marijuana Food and Drug Administration approval. [CBS]

Bring on the medicine, man.

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