California Supreme Court's Anti-Dispensary Ruling is a Cruel Gut Check


“Let My People Grow!”

On Monday, California’s Supreme Court unanimously (7-0) ruled against compassion, giving cities and counties the carte blanche to place outright bans on any and all dispensaries within their borders. This decision has immediate consequences for countless business owners, employees, and, above all else, medical marijuana patients throughout California that will now have no legal, feasible way to access their medication.

Needless to say, this inane ruling is a devastating blow to Los Angeles’ medical marijuana community, and, on a grander scale, sets back our nation’s long term goal of legalization. When California made history in 1996 by legalizing medical marijuana through California’s Compassionate Use Act, the future seemed full of potential. Yet, 17 years later, the same government that approved this law now does everything it can to hinder it, and the myth of reefer madness continues to carry weight.

WeedMaps CEO Justin Hartfield, cannabis activist extraordinaire and a board member of NORML and the MPP released this poignant statement on the raids:

“We are extremely disappointed with the California Supreme Court’s decision, as hundreds of thousands of California residents rely on legal access to medical marijuana for various chronic health conditions. The court’s ruling puts power in the hands of people who don’t understand the medicinal value of marijuana and the positive effect it has on patient outcomes. Additionally, if cities ban marijuana dispensaries, cannabis prices would surely rise as patients would be forced to go underground or find elicit means to purchase medical marijuana.

“Today’s State Supreme Court decision violates the true intent of California’s Compassionate Use Act of 1996 and the Medical Marijuana Program, which makes marijuana accessible to residents with a doctor’s prescription.

“Our company will continue to be at the forefront of this issue, educating the general public and local authorities on the benefits of medical cannabis from both a health perspective, as well as its potential economic impact on state revenues, which can help serve as a catalyst for leading the way to legalizing marijuana nationwide.”

Medical Marijuana is, obviously, by all means legal in the state of California.  But local governments can–now on demand–call up the DEA to “take out their trash” and rid them of the lurking evil that dispensaries represent to the ignorant. The constant disconnect between state, local, and federal law–both in California and other progressive Medical Marijuana states.

And real people suffer because of decisions made by backwards, conservative government officials living in the past. Here’s the words of one patient who spoke out on WeedMaps Facebook page:

 “ripped my heart out yesterday when I made my monthly trip to stock up on my meds when I found out all my garden grove dispensaries are forced to close Friday. thanks for your compassion federal government. glad to see you care about the people who voted you into your positions. when drug cartels are better funded due to this, YOU ARE TO BLAME, NOT US!!!!”

He’s not alone. Patients in cities including Santa Ana, Garden Grove, San Bernardino, Long Beach, Costa Mesa, Riverside, and many, many more now have no choice but to turn to the natural–and highly illegal–alternative: The Black Market.

Even in Colorado–a state where marijuana is completely legal–the state’s government is doing anything in its power to prevent cannabis from progressing. They’re planning to elevate taxes north of 30%, implementing weed DUIs for anyone that so much as puffs a joint, and prohibiting the sale of cannabis magazines in local stores.

Like the recent decision in California, these efforts will sustain drug cartels and illegal activity, all while hindering safe and logical access to medical marijuana. And while it takes away jobs from compassionate people, it allows the DEA and activist groups to hand out jobs and fill up their pockets by the minute.

These combined factors set legalization efforts back, and exemplify how long a way we have to go before we see federally legal weed. While the majority of our nation supports legalization, this majority does not go out to vote enough for the plant they love, nor do they hold enough positions of power in state, local, and federal government positions. This all must change.

Sometimes you have to take steps backwards to take step forwards. While this tragic development in Southern California along with Colorado’s conservative laws are big steps backwards, it is now the industry and the patients’ job to fight for our rights to ensure we come back stronger than ever.

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    • Mark Hampton on

      I went to the web site but can’t find where to leave a comment .. Snail mail our only option
      Be nice, I’m an old guy

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  2. All I have to say is I agree with eric. Bars drinking and drunk driver, and drunks around the streets, Drinking is a lot more dangerous than marijuana. You see more deaths in drinking.

    • I used to be one of thoee drunks walking around the streets and was slowly killing myself by binge drinking every day, that is until I found MMJ. and since then i havent had a drink since i started smoking. It actually kills my cravings with just a couple tokes! And trust me I’ve tried every thing to quit drinking but nothing does it except weed

  3. To the four comments above.. Please learn how to spell “petition” and “stupid” and “ridiculous” and “absurd” before you try to defend medical marijuana. You all sound dumb as fuck

    • Dear Al, Actually you have placed yourself in the same class as the person you are complaining about, all because you want to be so petty, because many people cannot spell. Al, at the very least they are trying to make their point regarding Medical Marijuana. Try to recall that your use of the foul word, “Fuck” places you in the same tacky use of a word that does the comment regarding Medical Marijuana does not a thing to help the cause regarding the use of Medical Marijuana. At least this person is participating in the Defense for the use of Medicinal Marijuana! Take a hit of that one and try to be more understanding, as not all people are so educated as you “seem to be”. Your hate towards people that have problems spelling, and your comment makes you sound like one “ARROGANT ASS”. Give people a break. At least people are participating. My advice to you young man is to lose your arrogant attitude and “Get over Yourself”!!!

  4. The government is just making the people more and more angry, over an issue that shouldn’t even be an issue. The Economy its self could rise greatly due to Marijuana alone, it has great uses and people are just to dimwitted to see them. This ruling has severely angered me, and I will do what ever I can to vote for Marijuana. I am getting to the point where I want to step in and help, so if any one can lead me down the right path in stepping into the front lines of this fight I am completely down.
    Email me at
    Thank you !

    • I havent used a dispensary in quite some time do to illness..I go thru a delivery service. When I did go there were too many people (kids) who didn’t look to need the medication for anything other than to party !!
      I can pass any test. I’ve had two brain aneurysms and thank god the Dr was able to remove the cause (AVM). I’ve had pain all over since 1991.. Medical marajuana helps me
      Small amount of folks ruined it for those who need it…lets clean this up…quit acting like punks..get serious

  5. Perhaps each city could take another approach, like allowing dispensaries to open at the city’s discretion, allowing only a certain number of “stores” per city, and regulating themselves? Just a thought.

  6. All you dumb shit democrats put these A Holes in power and now they took your weed away. I feel for the people that really need it!!
    The government is after your weed our guns and our lively hood!!
    When are you guys going to learn Democrats want to divide and conquer on all fronts and want you begging for THIER HELP.
    Next time when you vote Finestein that Scarecrow into office. It’s these old geezers that have not changed with the times and are deciding our fates…next time think with your brains not the fact you believe that you’re a democrat…maybe think republican and maybe your rights won’t be violated !!

    • To the idiot that thinks the Republicans are the answer your stupid as fuck there just as bad as the Democrats you have to be brain dead.

  7. loscoyotestodd on

    Well, the dispensaries brought it on themselves by being so greedy, I can’t afford to even walk into a dispensary, their prices are so exorbitant! And they claim to be “non-profit”. Where are all their profits going? This from an actual disabled medical marijuana patient receiving SSI because I am disabled! Are all the patients obtaining these expensive buds from these dispensary’s actually disabled and on SSI? Why won’t they give disabled people some kind of a discount? Is it that hard to do? Or are you just too greedy to do so?

  8. While the CAL Supreme Court shot down brick and mortar buildings they said nothing about delivery services. That will be the next court battle

  9. That’s just what the courts in California wanted and endless supply of people in prison they want to keep the money flowing to there prison buddy’s. But you put these ass holes in office and keep voting them back in again and again what do you expect you have to get rid of them vote there ass out.

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  11. YOU fucking guys kill me. Lol

    Do you really think there is going to be sanity while the Feds have it as a class 1?

    You can get as mad as hell and I hope never stop the fight,
    But reality is there is to much federal money being spent to stop it.

    Why Will they vote to end there the high paying jobs to stop it.

    So in reality they make a lot more with it illegal and jobs not lost.

    You voted them in. Good job

  12. Dan, you are absolutely right!
    I pin my hopes on a drug called Sativex.
    It is a plant-derived product that is used to treat MS.
    Sativex has been approved for use in Canada, England, Australia, etc.
    A Japanese company has the distribution rights for the U.S. and has been working to push it through the FDA.
    When this very effective drug is approved, the whole Schedule 1 definition must crumble.
    Now, this a place to put ones energy.

  13. It’s sad that the Feds can be bought by these lobbyist, Pharmaceutical companies ect, and drug Cartels. When both of these groups pad the Governments pocket to keep MMJ Illegal, then it will be hard to fight them. Yes it’s time for us to do what’s right for our Country. The Government thinks that all MMJ users are too lazy and stoned to fight back! Let’s show them they are wrong! Voting will help but we need a powerful man or women that can go to bat for us! Why don’t the feds try taking 20 aspirin and we will smoke 20 joints! Let’s see you lives or dies! Keeping the Earth finest medicine as a class 1 is simply ludicrous. We have to take our Country back. Remember by the people for the people? Shoot it’s now by the Government for the Government. Then they cry about all our Cities going Bankrupt! Duh! We the people know how much Tax revenue MMJ could make the Cities, States and the F N Government. Looks like a revolution could be in the works! But would be hard because the Governmenbt has the Military behind them. So we need an incredible intelligent person to go to a battle of wits with these ignorant Government officials! In closing I’m sick and tired for these stupid Government agents not educating themselves on the good MMJ does for everybody. It would help all, sick, stressed, alcoholics, building materials, clothing, fuel and ect.

  14. How can the Federal Government have a grower in Mississippi, I believe, grow for the FEDS exclusively, to extract from the plants to make Marinol and then let Medicare Pay for it for patient that have a presciption from their doctor? Isn’t that the same thing as a Federal Government Dispensary?

  15. Dee Augustine on

    I live in Kern County is this just for LA county ? Where can I vote for this? Will the dispensaries have it in their shops ? Thanks


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