Ex-Microsoft Exec Wants To Fire Up "Starbucks Of Marijuana" [Video]


God Bless America! Freedom of the press is a wonderful thing  (minus the despicable acts of the DOJ ).

One of Microsoft’s ex-heads threw the federal government’s prohibition of marijuana on the ‘Bonfire’ of bad policy, and stoked the flames of legalization for recreational weed consumption at a recent Seattle press conference.

Jamen Shively, a former corporate strategy manager for the software giant, is seeking $10 million in capital to create the US’s first national cannibis brand — a “Starbucks of marijuana,” if you will, according to The Seattle Times.

The ex-Microsoft executive and full-time marijuana legalization supporter noted that his company has made huge strides forward. And will continue to make audacious advancements in the effort to construct a national marijuana company and to ride the wave of growth – as marijuana prohibition falls by the wayside. Relegated to the trash heap of moronic policy.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiZCrd7j7Jg]

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