LA Medical Marijuana Takes A Hit… Voters Embrace City Councils Regressive Proposition D


Strange memories on this nervous morning-after LA’s special election. Six years after their 2007 city moratorium on new medical marijuana collectives. Seemingly a lifetime since California first enacted prop 215 in 1996. The kind of historical peak rarely witnessed in one’s lifetime – an erratic beast of progress has been temporarily hindered.

Safe access to medical marijuana in Los Angeles hit a slight bump in the road last night. That’s right, Los Angeles city residents overwhelmingly decided to restrict the number of medicinal pot collectives that have germinated and taken root throughout LA over the last several years.

As a surviving cancer patient, as well as a strong supporter of medical marijuana, LA City Councilman Bill Rosendahl came out early and loud in support of proposition D. So late last night, it was with great excitement that he began proclaiming that the voters of Los Angeles have elected to “take us out of chaos.” Noting that the pot clubs which have been operating in Los Angeles since 2007 have demonstrated their ability to be good neighbors.

As of 2:00 AM Wednesday morning [yes, I’m an insomniac], after a long day – and even longer evening with the pollsters furiously slashing their way through the ballots – the current results posted online by LA’s city clerk’s office look like this.


YES  Votes 160,349  – or 62.91%

NO Votes 94,524  – or 37.08%


YES Votes 97,353 – or 41.58%

NO Votes 136,764 – or 58.41%

History can be hard to grasp when viewed through the myopic lens of disinformation. Sure measure F would’ve required stringent regulations on collectives, while proposition D almost ensures a medical marijuana monopoly. But this battle is far from over …. no doubt we will see lawsuits based on the outcome of this election.

After all… this is LA.

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