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Top 10 Marijuana Movies: From "Up In Smoke" to "Half Baked" Hollywood Loves Pot Flicks


Most know it, though few speak of it. Hollyweed loves to get high. Or at least create movies depicting their characters as hapless potheads searching for their next bong hit. The heads that run some of Hollywood’s biggest movie studios understand this fact. It’s all about demographics – their target audience: Gen X’ers, slackers and even baby boomers with an abundance of time and cash on their hands, and a serious need for a distraction from their current state of weedlessness.

[* these pot friendly movies are in chronological order, rather than first to worst]

1969 – Easy Rider: a low-budget pot centric flick written by two of Hollywood’s bad boys, Peter Fonda and the now deceased Dennis Hopper, became a marijuana cult classic. Easy Rider encompassed the the dominant school of thought of the hippie generation, which included a renewed appreciation for marijuana.

1978 – Up in Smoke: a Cheech and Chong classic that rolls hard and fast on the marijuana lifestyle. From the moment ‘Man’ [a.k.a. Tommy Chong] and ‘Pedro’ [a.k.a.Cheech Marin] fire up a massive blunt in the front seat of Pedro’s tricked out Low Rider – to the final flameout, when their prized van made out of marijuana quite literally goes “up in smoke,” the stoney two-some cultivated a new film genre: the stoner comedy

1981 – Nice Dreams: Featuring the first growroom ever shown in a feature film, this is an all-time classic. True to the clandestine nature of any home tended cultivation operation, Nice Dreams demonstrates the lengths some cultivators must go to in order to keep their secret garden hidden from unapproving eyes.

1993 – Dazed and Confused: Life in the 1970s was confusing for many… Pot was good, cocaine was considered non-addictive and advancing from junior high school to high school was a life-changing experience. Hazing, partying and fitting in with the ‘cool kids’ are all high on the agenda, as group of teenagers completing their last day of school before summer, 1976.

1995 – Friday: Have you ever received weed on a front, thinking you’re going to sell it at a profit, while making some free smoke? Well that’s the setup for this classic Stoner Flick. Craig [Ice-Cube] and Smokey [Chris Tucker] are two south-central stoners stuck on their front porch, getting high and searching for a way to scrounge up the $200 bucks they oh Smokey’s weed dealer.

1998 – Half-Baked: This is the movie the launch Dave Chapelle into the stratosphere of 420 fame. It’s a convoluted story of three stoners, turned pot dealers, and their stoned out schemes to get a fellow ‘head’ out of jail. Craziness ensues.

2001 – Super Troopers: Five Vermont state troopers, clown cops with a penchant for screwing things up, try to protect their jobs, while topping the local P.D. by solving a marijuana smuggling operation.

2004 – Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle: While this was just the first in a series of Stoner friendly films from the 420 Duo. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle is a borderline cult classic. As any good Stoner knows, the only real danger to getting high as f@ck, is that eventually you’re going to want to feed your munchies. And if the only place that satisfies your immediate craving, is a White Castle burger joint, then getting high could lead to the adventure of your life.

2006 – Puff, Puff, Pass: Tired of being on the “no weed” wagon? This stoney film is about two unfortunate stoners that get the boot from their drug rehab facility. Then find themselves involved in a series of stoney situations. Complete with a chronic drug drop to a menacing character name Mr. Big, needless to say things get out of hand fast.

2008 – Pineapple Express: Seth Rogen, a process server and his happily moronic pot dealer, James Franco, wind up on the run after Seth’s character witnesses Franco’s pot supplier killing a rival gang boss. From corrupt cops to insane grow room scenes this movie takes you on a roller coaster ride that will benefit from a good joint.


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