Authorities Seize Marijuana Package Sent To Indians Closer Chris Perez's House


Chris Perez, the Cleveland Indians’ modern Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn, is under investigation after receiving a hefty sack of Kush to his rental home in Rocky River, Ohio. The Indians closer, currently on the DL with a bum shoulder, has earned a reputation in the past as a loose canon for telling an A’s fan to “Get Your Dick Out Of Your Mouth”.

While no charges have yet been filed, the package, according to all Internet sources, did indeed contain cannabis and is indeed “under investigation” after being sent to Perez’s home. Perez has yet not been charged (and may be innocent), but The Indians are keeping mum on the matter.

Ohio may be poised to become a Medical Marijuana state, but right now, weed is extremely illegal there, and of course, accepting a shipment from Colorado or California is much, much more federally illegal. That said, we can’t blame Perez for actually wanting to get high in Cleveland, where schwag goes to live.

It’s certainly been a season to forget for Perez, but if guilty, he can look to Zach Randolph’s post-weed-bust-success as inspiration for his future. For all Vinnie Pestano fantasy baseball owners, Perez’s potential herbal affection is a Mitzvah.

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