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Big Boi's Edible Of Choice: The "Fantastic Brownie"


After a long night on stage or making it rain at the club, Outkast impresario Big Boi balances his THC deficiencies the slow and steady way: with Edibles. Big Boi posted this picture to his Instagram recently, dubbing the “Fantastic Brownie” a #BananaClipper–which one can assume is a metaphor for nipping a hangover in the bud?

Nonetheless, Big Boi’s (the one we can actually understand on albums) vernacular aside, it’s a doozy of a brownie from one of Colorado’s finest edible purveyors: The Growing Kitchen based out of Boulder.

Weighing in at a whopping 3.5 ounces with a mammoth 100 MG of THC, it’s an edible we’d only recommend splitting unless your’re a real, serious patient in need of a heavy oral elixir. Or you’re a rapper, who are genetically proven to consume copious amounts of cannabis without any negative side affects–aside from rolling up stacks of paper and raw Tilapia.

You can find The Growing Kitchen’s products at Trill Alternatives among other Boulder and Denver-based dispensaries located on WeedMaps.

For context, Big Boi is not at all new to this “weed thing.” The most overt Outkast weed song out there poetically marries Cunnilingus and Kush:


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  1. I love these types of articles … and I don’t at the same …. I love them b/c it is so cool that this is even happening … I don’t b/c I cannot partake in any way I know of … but I swear w/each passing month, my itch to move to Colorado is gaining and gaining!! Colorado ur the ‘Best in the World’!!

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