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Bubba Kush is the younger, sexier sibling to Pre-98 Bubba Kush. While certainly the result of a love affair between Bubblegum and Kush, there’s some disagreement and variation as to what Kush factors into this cross. The two different strains merged with Bubblegum are Master Kush (resulting in an Indica Dominant Bubba) and OG Kush (resulting in a Sativa Dominant Bubba). These are the two most commonly sold Bubba Kushes on shelves, so when you see one labeled as a Sativa in one shop and an Indica in another–it’s not necessarily mislabel–the type of Bubba Kush just depends on what clones were used to breed it.

Legend has it that Bubba Kush is derived from a cut of Chemdawg via a grower in Grass Valley, CA who shared his cut which was eventually crossbred between of Bubblegum and OG Kush resulting in the first official “Bubba Kush.” Thus, anyone purporting to have Bubba Kush seeds is likely full of shit, as only the Bubblegum part comes from seed.

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In the Master Kush variety, purple tints and trichomes are more likely and visible, while the OG Kush variety will likely veer towards a more orangey coloring. Likewise, its smell remains dependent on what’s within the cross, as the Indica dominant variety will be closer to a Pre-98 scent, with a burst of sweetness. The OG Kush will have a pinier–but equally pungent–smell to it.

All told, you can’t really go wrong with Bubba Kush, and if you’er looking for a more Sativa or Indica dominant version, you should be able to find it, as over 1500 dispensaries carry it. If it’s labeled as a Hybrid–or looks to be in the wrong place–you’ve got the knowledge to drop on the dispensary.


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