Chocolope: Marijuana Strain Review & Photos


Chocolope rose to fame and the mainstream Marijuana culture when High Times named it 2007’s Strain of the Year and plastered its beautiful shot on their cover. Bred by DNA Genetics, Chocolope is a cross between their Chocolate Thai female cut and a Cannalope male cut, measuring in at a whopping 95% Sativa and 5% Indica. Needless to say, it’s a strong Sativa containing both hazy and chocolatey qualities throughout its character.

Likewise, its scent has rich, chocolatey qualities, with a melony punch chiming in, combining for a hint of mintiness. It’s less fruity than comparable Sativa-dominant strains, but does contain plenty of a Sativa’s typical red hair or “coli.” Chocolope is a firecracker of a strain, one that will set you full of energy–maybe too much so.

Among its many accolades, the renowned strain has been entered in Cannabis Cups and other tournaments–and always placed. Chocolope has been supported and entered into competition by legendary coffee shops like Amsterdam’s notorious Grey Area. Breeders DNA Genetics knocked this one out of the park

If you’re looking to get the Chocolope buzz without a panic-attack, DNA Genetics also offers Chocolope Kush, a cross of Kosher Kush and Chocolope that’s a bit more balanced and a lot more easy going on the nervous system




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