Florida OFFICIALLY Bans Bongs And All Paraphernalia Sales


Florida, the same state where you can shoot someone in self-defense. has OFFICIALLY banned the sale of any and all bongs and Marijuana paraphernalia. The Sunshine State’s Governor signed HB 49 into law yesterday, meaning on July 1st, the state’s head shops glass head to the bong graveyard.

If you’re in need of some Heady Glass or RooR Bongs, Florida residents (your grandparents) can still order glass online legally and have it shipped to them. Just don’t keep it on your window sill.

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  1. So people shouldn’t be allowed to defend themselves? If individuals own their own bodies and can put what they want into their own bodies, then don’t they also have the right to protect that same body? Outlawing bongs is ridiculous, as is the entire War on Drugs but claiming that people shouldn’t be allowed to defend themselves is just as ridiculous as the shit the prohibitionists say.

    • I completely agree with the fact that it is ridiculous that they make bongs illegal when we can’t even defend ourselves in our own country…Pretty soon we won’t have any rights if they keep taking them away.
      Florida thinks they are slowing down and succeeding when they are going to have problems with the people who are smokers we are not going to stop smoking we will simply do it safer in safer places…

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