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As busty and voluptuous as Kim Basinger in the film of the same name that brought her to fame, LA Confidential does its home city of Los Angeles proud. With a seductive musk, LA Confidential is both naughty and nice, an Indica-dominant heavy Hybrid indicative of Los Angeles’ at times breezy beaches but at times overwhelming Hollywood hustle. Whether you’re dealing with intense migraines or life’s daily grind, a nice bowl of LA Confidential can turn your frown upside down. And help you reach a sedated state of bliss.

Basic Info: As noted, most iterations of LA Confidential are Indica based. A cross between OG LA Affie and an Afghani strain, the LA Confidential can be found in most Southern California based dispensaries. LA Confidential gained notoriety in 2008 when it captured the first place Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup. Since then, it’s continued to run rampant at events, placing in four Cannabis Cups. However, LA Confidential is a strain that you’re less likely to find on Bay Area and Rocky Mountain shelves, for obvious reasons. Because like many region-based strains, those from outside Los Angeles will snuff at smoking a strain synonymous with silicone and fakery.

Photos of LA Confidential:

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Affect: At first, LA Confidential gives off a lush, cerebral, and even trippy high, taking your high into a lofty, inter-galactic orbit. After the initial buzz wears off, you’ll begin to settle into a nice, relaxed trance prior to full-blownAmazing for sleep. Just be careful if you’ve got a bag of Oreos and some milk next to you: LA Confidential is a munchie demon. If you don’t get too burnt out from OGs, it’s a great strain before you dive into a Coen brothers film or a session in the studio–LA Confidential gets the mind thinking differently–and right.

Scent: Like a nice, balanced Thanksgiving dinner, LA Confidential carries hints of nutmeg, spice, and of course Kush flowing through its embers. With balance and diversity like this, every smell of LA Confidential may capture a different sense of your smell–all with a distinct OG note to it. It’s simply the Chanel Number 5 of marijuana strains: simply irresistible.

Growth and Seed Info: While it’s a fairly simple strain to grow with a flowering time of 46-56 days, LA Confidential has a notoriously low yield. At this point, seeds of LA Confidential are readily available from many banks across the world. Breeders like DNA Genetics and the Cali Connection offer fine versions of it, among others

Tidbits: Rappers like B-Real of Cypress Hill & Snoop Dogg helped assimilate LA Confidential into the mainstream culture, waxing poetic on it in their 1990s raps. Before riding around stoned on his segway, rumor has it that Justin Bieber smokes a stick of LA Confidential. Smoker beware.

Related Strains: Afghani, OG Kush. LA Confidential is frequently crossed with Purple Kush to create Purple LA Confidential and has been cross-bred with many other strains.

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