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Marijuana Research 2013: Cannabinoids – Today’s Miracle Compounds!


There are some within my smoke circle that feel I spend far too much time on the Internet. Researching the positive effects of marijuana and how they might ultimately benefit us. Point taken. However, in my defense, there is a monumental difference between merely “trolling” for 420 stuff and searching for articles that aggressively dispel the daily onslaught of disinformation perpetuated by enemies of the cannabis plant.

As 2012 went out on a positive note for the legalization of recreational marijuana consumption, thanks Colorado and Washington! 2013 has already proven itself to be the year of medical marijuana research. Not even halfway through the year and marijuana related studies are heating up the scientific community – while demonstrating to countless Americans that cannabinoids are indeed the miracle compounds of our future.

With 2013 only halfway out the door, one can’t help but be excited over the potential studies yet to be released…

  • Study Shows Cannabis May Reverse Symptoms of Dementia – February, 2013: A group from Neuroscience Research Australia has found early evidence that cannabidiol – one of the main ingredients in cannabis – may reverse some of the symptoms of dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Study: Health of a Child Unaffected by Living in a Cannabis Grow Op – March, 2013: A study conducted by the School of Social Work at the University of British Columbia has found that “there was no significant difference between the health of the children living in cannabis grow operations and the comparison group of children”.
  • Study Finds THC Helpful in Combating HIV – May, 2013: A new study published in The Journal of Leukocyte Biology has found exciting, albeit preliminary research which indicates that THC, one of the main compounds in marijuana, may have HIV fighting capabilities.
  • Marijuana Consumption May Combat Diabetes – May, 2013: New research published in the recent issue of the American Journal of Medicine has found that the body of those who consume marijuana may be better at controlling blood sugar, making it a potential combatant against diabetes.
  • Cannabinoids May be Best Medicine for Those with PTSD – May, 2013: A study by researchers at the New York University School of Medicine, and funded by the National Institute of Health, has found a connection between the number of cannabinoid receptors in the brain and the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to the study, cannabinoids, a compound of cannabis, may help combat the symptoms of PTSD by bringing equilibrium to these receptors.
  • Marijuana Use Connected With Lower Risk of Bladder Cancer – May, 2013: A study conducted by Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in California, and presented at the American Urological Association annual meeting in San Diego, has found promising results indicating that marijuana use may significantly lower an individuals risk of developing bladder cancer.
  • Research Finds Habitual Marijuana Consumption Not Linked to Lung Cancer – May, 2013: A study reported on at the annual meeting for the American Association of Cancer Research has found that habitual marijuana consumers have no more increased risk of lung cancer than casual consumers, or those who don’t consume at all. This was found to be true regardless of how many times a day a person consumes cannabis, and regardless of how long they’ve been a consumer.

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My name is Monterey Bud and I was born in Long Beach and raised on the central coast. I surf, dab, burn and write. I'm a husband, a father and a lifelong consumer of connoisseur grade weed. I have been writing about marijuana strains, science, and politics for since 2012. A Big Sur cultivator from the pre-helicopter days, I'm a big fan of new strains and breaking news. I can be reached on Twitter @MontereyBud


  1. I could not find anywhere in that UNICEF report where it at all suggests that decriminalization of cannabis reduces youth rates. Correlation is not causation! just because youth rates have fallen in some areas of the world does not mean that was CAUSED by decriminalization, and you really shouldn’t suggest a report says that if it only talks about cannabis as a “behavioral risk factor” equivalent with pollution, cigarettes, and teenage pregnancy. I am for decriminalization, but to me, your headline and the article it links to make it a complete misrepresentation.

  2. The UNICEF report and the way the source article reads is that in countries where marijuana is legal or its use is not looked at as a criminal act have better scores for child well being and lower actual use among children than those who have strict marijuana laws. It is a know fact of human nature that anything that is prohibited is far more exciting to try and get away with. When things become legal the excitement of doing something bad and getting away with it is removed. Which its illegality is one of the draws of smoking marijuana for children. Its something they have been told by adults that is forbidden to use……what do you think kids are going to do when faced with that dilemma?

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  4. Dale Elliott on

    I’m about to start my 7th month of Cannabis Oil (RSO) which I take in 250mg capsules every 6hrs…I was using 3 different inhalers that were in fact finally found to be making the condition worse…Within 18hrs of starting on my own course of action I was able to breathe again so well that I was no longer fearful of expiring …In december I would have to rest 2or3 times coming up the stairs…I run up them now if I feel like it…60years of tobacco smoking almost got me too…There are many things in this neglected old beings that have been and or are being dealt with by the oil…Exploring for stomach ulcers turned up stomach cancer in end of november 2011…I had quit the alcohol and smokes in the summer…After a lot of happenings that can best be described as proof of the luck of the irish,& MUCH intent research ( Like being on the Battalion Recon only more important) over a period of a few weeks concluded that poisoning & burning was not for me…I went & bought a lb of good BC Bud & made up my 1st batch of RSO & here I am…When I finally got around to getting a look at what was happening it was afuckingmazeing…no shit,you could feel it healing…the thing that was sort of always right about there is GONE…WOW Over & over these amazing things continue…The first week or 2 I sure was zonked cause I hit the gram a day in about 5 days…

    • Was your breathing problem COPD ? Been searching for answers as to whether oil can help with it . Thanks !

  5. “justification” for the existence of prohibition is manufactured.
    In Canada our Constitution Act 1982 is the supreme law of our land. It contains our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, (Which are GUARANTEED), subject ONLY to such REASONABLE limits prescribed by law AS CAN BE DEMONSTRABLY JUSTIFIED IN A FREE AND DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY. We submit that there is not now, nor has there ever been said “demonstrable justification ” in ours or any free society…therefore all enforcment of Prohibition of cannabis constitutes a Rights Violation under the Charter. The United Nations agrees that prohibition constitutes human rights violations, but countries continue to enforce prohibition unjustly because there is so much money in the vested interests that wish to maintain the status quo and keep things as they are. (making commodies out of human beings to pay people in non productive occupations such as the law and and politics)
    That includes criminals, bikers and mafia, as well as police and prison guards, (who are in a legal position of conflict of interest when it comes to enforcing cannabis prohibition. The lawyers and judges and social workers also profit from unjust prohibiton that destroys the lives of good productive people.
    In 2002 the Canadian Senate special committee on illegal drugs came to the (obvious) conclusion that prohibition of cannabis causes far more harm to individuals and society than does the substance itself.
    PROHIBITION MUST BE REPEALED or our constitution is worth nothing.
    It is interesting that the propaganda mongers take a photo out of context then lie as usual to make 420’ers look bad. The pic was taken before we were even set up. The mess we cleaned up was left by the previous event.
    I would like to thank all our volunteers who did such a great job in spite of obstacles and opposition. I would also like to thank the Canadian Safe Cannabis Society for all they do also for the GOOD CAUSE of freedom from oppression. It is tyme those who choose to use cannabis are no longer discriminated against and have their Charter Rights defended for their beliefs and practices that do no harm to others, just like any other group. It is illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, sexual orientation ethnicity or any other aspect of any group’s beliefs and practices that do no harm to others.
    Everyone has the Right to believe and practice whatever does no harm to others, Everywhere. No-one has the right to cause or allow the Right of anyone to be violated, by anyone, not even anybody’s government…you’ve got to reach out and lend a hand if you can,
    420, Everybody. dj8^P

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  12. Every title that uses the word ‘may’, means the exact same thing if it were to say ‘may not’. May is a very weak word for a scientific argument.

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