Mom Knows Best: Pot Makes Us Better Parents!


The old axiom that “mom knows best” definitely holds true when it comes to the recreational consumption of marijuana. Theses’ fierce fighting mothers from Beverly Hills are proud of their pot use, and are speaking out in an attempt to dispel the last 80+ years of federal “reefer madness” propaganda.

In their interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan the four marijuana moms spoke about how cannabis relieves stress from the daily worries of being a modern parent – and how weed leaves you feeling more empathetic toward your family’s needs. Particularly when compared to the societal harms perpetuated by the alcohol and pharmaceutical industries – a parents standby.

Cheryl Shuman, a cancer survivor, explained it was important for her to “come out of the closet as a corporate woman” who smoked pot. January Thomas told Morgan that a woman who smokes pot can still take care of children, considering a lot of other parents are on prescription drugs. Glenda Gurllen described how marijuana helped reduce her pain and anxiety.

Morgan acknowledged that a lot of mothers watching would find all this “outrageous,” but quickly pointed out that they would likely be saying so with a glass of wine in their hands. Amie Machado affirmed that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and easier to control in some cases. Shuman added that no one dies of overdosing on pot, and bashed the “negative stereotype” the media likes to ascribe to pot smokers.

The pot moms did say it’s important to keep the marijuana safe and locked away where the kids can’t get to them, but on the other hand, prescription drugs are a big problem for young people as well. Machado said that it’s important to talk to have a conversation with kids about this. source:

With just about every kid in the country having access to their parents liquor and medicine cabinets… Which substances truly represent the greatest harm? When someone gets high on weed they become inquisitive, creative – viewing the world through a new more peaceful lens. Conversely, alcohol is one of the greatest causes for domestic violence, liver damage, and alcohol induced dementia. As for the pharmaceutical industry… well, the overdose rate speaks for itself. The only conclusion the same person can come to, regarding the legal status of marijuana – is that competitive industries fear it.


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Born in Long Beach, raised on the central coast: I surf, dab, burn, and blog – though not necessarily in that order. I'm a husband, a father and a lifelong consumer of connoisseur grade weed. I don't drink alcohol or consume any other "drugs." I consider myself to be living proof that weed is not a gateway drug. If it were, I'd be in some serious trouble. Instead, as a 50-year-old ex-realtor that has been smoking weed for nearly 80% of my life (just did the math) ... I can only say, marijuana is safer than prescription pills or alcohol could ever hope to be for calming what stirs the savage beast.


  1. If only more Moms”came out” about their use of cannabis ~ prohibition would soon thereafter be a thing of the past 😉 I firmly believe that we will soon see change ~ keep speaking up Moms!! 😉

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