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Alien OG: Marijuana Strain Review & Photos


Alien OG, one of the highest tested strains of all time, tested as high as an astounding 28% THC, is a bigger reality than the myth of Roswell. Extraterrestrial in nature, Alien OG has since catapulted to the top shelves in many California Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, becoming one of the best OGs available in the legal market. After one nice toke or a hearty dab of Alien OG, you’ll be flying high, riding next to E.T. as you explore the THC-laden galaxy at your behest.

Basic Info: A delicate yet lethal cross between Alien Kush and Tahoe OG, the top-shelf laden Alien OG originated in the Bay Area when an enterprising grower decided the world needed a strain worthy of the great wide open. An Indica-dominant Hybrid, it’s fast become a Top 10 OG available to MMJ Patients.

Photos of Alien OG: [nggallery id=1047]

Affect: Alien OG is not for the faint at heart. As noted, it’s one of the highest ever tested strains of marijuana, checking in at a ridiculous 28% THC. It’s both a full body and mind high that will strike you forcefully and quickly. Depending on your dosage, an Alien OG high can easily last 2-3 hours. It’s not a wake and bake strain nor is it a strain recommended for consumption before any serious activities, like driving your car or taking the SATs. Your best off to lock yourself to a catch and let the Alien OG’s far out, psychedelic grooves guide your mind to Comedy Central and then gradually seeps into your body.

Scent: PUNGENT! Alien OG is often referred to as a “double bagger”–you’ll want to seal this one shut in travel kits or your car twice, as it will seep through your typical, Ziploc bag. Equipped with your standard lemony, piney, overwhelming OG smell, the Alien Kush and Tahoe OG combine for something simply not of this world.

Growth and Seed Info: If you’re in the Bay Area–or really, anywhere in Southern California–finding a clone from a dispensary near you is not a difficult task. The Cali Connection seed bank has this strain available as well.

Tidbits: Don’t give Alien OG to an apprentice smoker–the THC count may simply turn them into something they want no part of.

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  2. Amazing strain. Hits pain levels and has cured my insomnia. Alien OG is a gift to anyone suffering from extreme pain and the related insomnia that goes with it! Being on an oxymoron and sedative were scary. Both are used for lethal injections and can cause respiratory arrest, even in small amounts. With the Alien OG, I have been able to avoid Ambien. Highly recommend for anyone with a chronic illness like autoimmune arthritis diseases.

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