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Blue Dream has in many ways become the Blue Moon of high-end marijuana strains. Like the popular Belgian beer (manufactured by Coors!), Blue Dream is one of the most (if not the most)  prevalent potent Sativas on the market. Available in nearly every medical marijuana dispensary in every state, Blue Dream has grown in both stature and esteem in the past few years. Unlike the “Blue Magic” portrayed in “American Gangster” and  rapped about by Jay-Z, this Blue fantasy has only redeeming side affects with pure medicinal power.

Basic Info: A cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry and Santa Cruz Haze, Blue Dream typically checks in at 80% Sativa. As mentioned, it has, in recent years, become the top-shelf Sativa of choice in dispensaries all over the country, and is currently found in over 1,000 collectives across the country. Aesthetically pleasing, it combs the best qualities of Blueberry and Haze for what can truly only be described as pure fire.

Photos of Blue Dream: [nggallery id=1030]

Affect: An uplifting Sativa buzz that doesn’t come with too much heartache–a quality that makes Blue Dream very popular amongst Sativa-fans. Whether you’re filling up blunts for a concert, medicating before work, or looking to gain an edge on the courts, Blue Dream achieves the right edge.

Scent: Rivals its looks, with a pure, unadulterated Sativa scent–that the Blueberry elevates to a less cloying level. One of the more distinct Sativa smells around, meaning that you’ll be able to spot a faker from a mile away.

Growth and Seed Info: It may take some time to grow, but it’s a big time yielder–which explains its rise in popularity.

Tidbits: Blue Dream, contrary to popular beliefs, does not actually help you remember your dreams.

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