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Denver Colorado's MMJ America: Good People, Great Med's


All right Colorado, you have some of the most liberal marijuana laws in the world. Not only do you allow medical marijuana for your residence that require the active cannabinoids found in marijuana – for medicinal purposes. You now have state legal recreational marijuana too. Very cool.

While the access points for medical marijuana and recreational weed are different, both patients and recreational smokers alike face the same daunting task. Identifying a wellness center/dispensary that is worthy of your hard earned cash. And that’s where Denver’s MMJ America comes in.

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Denver’s MMJ America Downtown dispensary, located at 2042 Arapahoe St., in downtown Denver, CO enjoys a selection that highlights some of the mile high cities best Med’s. From their signature strains of Pink Lady, and Larry OG… To some of the more exotic genetics available, such as Mazar and Durban Diesel.

With a vast selection of indicas, Sativas, Hybrids, edibles and concentrates – offered at an amazingly affordable price range – one would be hard-pressed to find better meds at a better value.



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  1. Matthew Johnson on

    I recently came to this dispensary (located on Broadway St. in Boulder, CO). I brought with me the advertisement from the Rooster magazine that stated that for the “Fall Specials” I could purchase up to 5 grams of cannabis and would be matched from the shake up to 5 grams for 5 cents. I drove a total of about an hour to participate in this advertised deal. However, upon arriving I was rudely told by the manager, that this deal would not be honored. I was told that it was a misprint and he tried to coerce me to join as a member instead in order to get the deal, or I could just buy whatever and leave. What kind of business is being ran here? It is completely illegal to advertise falsely in order to bait customers in, and then try to coerce them into signing over their medical rights. I have NEVER had an experience in which I felt more uncomfortable, intimidated, and mistreated. Based on this experience I feel I must make others aware of these illegal practices and let people know, that when they come to this dispensary, they should expect to be intimidated, coerced to sign over their rights, and overall mistreated. I also feel I must report this experience to the Colorado Marijuana Authorities, The Colorado business authority, and the Federal Better Business Bureau. I am a medical marijuana patient and medical marijuana needs to be treated as a legitimate business. Not one ran by hired thugs.

    I also learned that this location has been perpetrating the same crime with multiple customers, who have also left a review. This shows a clear pattern of abuse from this location. I have also reported this new information to the Colorado Attorney General as a violation of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE! DO NOT SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE!!!

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