Herojuana OG: One Of The Strongest Marijuana Strains Growing Today



Great offspring can come from some unsuspecting genetics… and Herojuana is a prime example that.

Basic Info: With its biological father found growing in an inhospitable ditch in the backwoods of Kentucky, then crossbred with a California grown Afghanistan mother up in the Emerald triangle. This sometimes strange smelling strain packs a massive punch to the unsuspecting cerebellum.

Based on its somewhat scarce availability at collectives around the country, Herojuana OG has been romanticized in marijuana folklore since its creation and has subsequently taken on mythical proportions. Herojuana OG is a dense, lime green Indica strain that produces Bud sticky with resin and coated in orange pistils.

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Effect: this high THC strain is known for its distinct ability to wash away stress and anxiety with one bong rip. Providing a euphoric frame of mind, filled with happy thoughts – while offering a platform from which healthy restful sleep can easily attained. Herojuana OG is also wonderful for those seeking relief from chronic pain.

Scent: for those not privileged enough to have ever smelled the truly unique aroma of Herojuana OG – my fingers are crossed that you someday will. Rich with aromatic Earth scents – a mad mix of fruity blossoms intermingled with pinch of sweet lemon sour.

Growth and Seed Info: generally speaking Herojuana grows to heights of approximately 7 to 10 feet dependent on the cultivator’s skill set. Offering an average yield of approximately 2 pounds per plant. While locating this reclusive bean online can seem rather challenging, helpful collectives such as Progressive Options located in Sylmar, CA sell clones to their serenity medical marijuana community.

Tidbits: Stoney as Hell! However the flavor can be a bit strong for some people’s taste. Also Herojuana OG is known for providing massive cottonmouth, obligatory red eyes… And the occasional bout with paranoia.

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